Chronic Marketer by Brad Gosse – Review by Jason Kanigan

Chronic Marketer by Brad GosseChronic Marketer by Brad Gosse is foremost the personal story of how this internet marketer built his business.

Nothing beats a "How To" that's a real life story. Too many internet marketers' books are theoretical, how things 'should' work: Brad's shares how things actually worked for him.

Your path may not be the one he took. You may even be turned off by his path. That's no problem--if you don't like Brad or his story, you're free to leave.

In fact, he makes a point of saying it's OK to anger more than 50% of your audience if you are an online marketer...because it's the vocal, loyal minority you want...not the bland, uncaring majority.

Four Key Takeaways from Chronic Marketer by Brad Gosse

Brad Gosse and I, it turns out, agree on many things. Chronic Marketer is a book for IM newbies and they need this information. Here are four critical points we agree upon:

Get out there and DO to learn

To develop true expertise, you need to try, fail, and learn--not just read it in a book or hear it on a webinar. Test--even if you're only investing a few dollars--to discover what works and what doesn't for you.

Stay away from Chamber of Commerce and local networking events

Successful business owners are not out at networking events. They are in their offices, making decisions. Local networking events are filled with broke business owners trying to sell (badly) to everyone else...they cannot buy from you.

You can scale your content, but you can't scale yourself

Brad talks about the Freelancer-Producer-Director progression. These are important phases and distinctions, and if all you've done is be stuck in the Freelancer phase for years, it's time to take a different point of view and direction in your business.

Train people on how to deal with you

Letting people walk all over you is not okay. As I share in my Sales On Fire training, you can teach people how to work with you by using a strong Up Front Contract. This lets them know what behavior is acceptable and what isn't. And as Brad points out, it's perfectly fine to fire customers when they're out of line.

Video Review of Chronic Marketer by Brad Gosse

Here's a quick video run-through of my review.

Chronic Marketer is available on Amazon.

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How To Quit Working: Book Review

How To Quit Working on Amazon/Kindle (non-affiliate link)How To Quit Working: A Simple Plan to Leave Your Job for a Life of Freedom is the number one business book I recommend. Whether you're thinking about making the leap from corporate drone to self-employed owner or realize you need to update your entire business model, How To Quit Working by Jeff Steinmann will give you a detailed road map and action plan.

Have you ever said to yourself, "I want to quit my job and start my own business but I don’t know where to start. What if I don't make any money? What if nobody will buy from me? What if I fail?" These worries are the reason 80% of Americans work jobs they don't like.

With this disturbing statement, Jeff begins his instruction manual on building the ideal business lifestyle for you. This isn't a fluff book. It took a long time for Jeff to make the leap himself, and so he understands exactly what you're going through. All the inaction, all the worries, and all the questioning. All answered herein.

Something I see commonly in the SaaS industry is people jumping into business by creating a product. The business owner typically originated the idea for this product. Fatal mistake? They didn't check to see if it was what the marketplace wanted. Conclusion: FAIL.

If you read Jeff's book and do what it instructs, you'll never have this problem. What you provide will be what the market wants. They'll tell you so!

Since positive feedback and making some money are so important in those early months, How To Quit Working concentrates on getting you fast results.

How To Quit Working: My Review

I haven't found any other book that explains what to do to set up a successful business so well as Jeff's. And that's why it's the top business book I have consistently recommended since I found it over a year ago.

"Most of what you've been taught about business is a lie," says Jeff...and he's right. Take the blinders off and get How To Quit Working.

You can also follow Jeff's podcast and join his Facebook group for startup entrepreneurs.

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Become The Influential Expert: Book Review

Become The Influential Expert Dave Newton Book Cover

Become The Influential Expert is one of the top three business books I consistently recommend

Why is that?

In two decades of post-university, real-world, executive-level experience, I've never found such a complete and thorough volume of applicable marketing and positioning strategies.

If you're new to business, or feel you're off course with your creation, Dave Newton's book will get you back on track.

This book is destined to become a classic in the field of marketing. You may find little bits and pieces of what it has to share here and there, but nowhere else are they all in one organized vault of effective knowledge. This is the view from a height...and the nitty gritty of how marketing actually works.

The first part of Become The Influential Expert explains the new paradigm of positioning. Then, getting into the guts of the issue, Dave explains:

Part 2:

  • the power of your story
  • your authority brand
  • influence of identity
  • the color of persuasion
  • the value of difference
  • unlocking your uniqueness


Part 3:

  • the psychology of why people buy
  • setting up a "money machine"
  • the power of collaboration
  • how to magnetically attract prospects
  • create raving fans

and a fourth part on Being Great.

It has to be a year since I first got Dave's book. It has made a measurable difference to my own business. The ability to see all the elements of marketing as a whole is incredible, and not something that was taught in my college classes. Yes, I took Marketing courses, but they were about theories not practice. And Become The Influential Expert is loaded with ideas that work in practice.

You could take just one chapter out of this book and turn it into a course. And I'm sure people have. You'll need several sittings to go through all the content, and more to work though it and apply the strategies to your own business. And it should. Quick fixes are fake. This is real, earthy, genuine effort on the nuts and bolts of your creation. If you don't take that seriously, what will you?

When I talk about taking Right Action, the methods in this book are solid examples of what I'm referring to.

Let me share some further comments with you in this video:

2022 Update: this post was written in 2014. Dave has taken his book off Amazon for now for revision. It's also getting a new title: STAND OUT. You can sign up to be notified when the new version is released right here.

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