Become The Influential Expert: Book Review

Become The Influential Expert Dave Newton Book Cover

Become The Influential Expert is one of the top three business books I consistently recommend

Why is that?

In two decades of post-university, real-world, executive-level experience, I've never found such a complete and thorough volume of applicable marketing and positioning strategies.

If you're new to business, or feel you're off course with your creation, Dave Newton's book will get you back on track.

This book is destined to become a classic in the field of marketing. You may find little bits and pieces of what it has to share here and there, but nowhere else are they all in one organized vault of effective knowledge. This is the view from a height...and the nitty gritty of how marketing actually works.

The first part of Become The Influential Expert explains the new paradigm of positioning. Then, getting into the guts of the issue, Dave explains:

Part 2:

  • the power of your story
  • your authority brand
  • influence of identity
  • the color of persuasion
  • the value of difference
  • unlocking your uniqueness


Part 3:

  • the psychology of why people buy
  • setting up a "money machine"
  • the power of collaboration
  • how to magnetically attract prospects
  • create raving fans

and a fourth part on Being Great.

It has to be a year since I first got Dave's book. It has made a measurable difference to my own business. The ability to see all the elements of marketing as a whole is incredible, and not something that was taught in my college classes. Yes, I took Marketing courses, but they were about theories not practice. And Become The Influential Expert is loaded with ideas that work in practice.

You could take just one chapter out of this book and turn it into a course. And I'm sure people have. You'll need several sittings to go through all the content, and more to work though it and apply the strategies to your own business. And it should. Quick fixes are fake. This is real, earthy, genuine effort on the nuts and bolts of your creation. If you don't take that seriously, what will you?

When I talk about taking Right Action, the methods in this book are solid examples of what I'm referring to.

Let me share some further comments with you in this video:

2022 Update: this post was written in 2014. Dave has taken his book off Amazon for now for revision. It's also getting a new title: STAND OUT. You can sign up to be notified when the new version is released right here.

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  1. I’ll have to put this one on my list. Marketing has everything to do with how you Position yourself. Becoming an expert is actually easier than people think:)

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