Licensing Characters for Profit: Brad Gosse Interview

Licensing characters for profit is a surprisingly straightforward business to get into. If you're an artist, or know an artist, you can create and protect content which you can then license to niche businesses to help them market their companies.

I speak with Brad Gosse in this quick interview at a networking event about the success he's had with licensing characters such as Brushy Bear in the oral care and dental niches. You can learn from it and apply the ideas to your own niche.

licensing characters for profit brushy bear brad gosse

We've been working on this project for about a year, and I have written two Brushy Bear comic book, a song, and other content for Brad's characters. One of the key things we discovered in licensing characters was—as usual—the pain points we thought would be important to the target market were not what the business owners were truly concerned about: "We can get you more new customers" was far less critical than "We can help you reduce patient anxiety so they'll book another appointment and come back," for example.

Licensing Characters for Profit Interview with Brad Gosse

Join Brad Gosse and Jason Kanigan for the licensing characters for profit interview right here:


Setting your cartoon characters up as more "Smokey The Bear" rather than "Mister Clean" is a key takeaway. You want your content to be valid for use across multiple businesses and even niches, rather than being trapped into licensing characters representing and permanently being associated with a single organization.

Make sure you copyright your content: it's inexpensive to do and the protection granted is solid.

If you want to talk about this business model with Brad Gosse or myself, find Brad on Facebook or use the link below to book a call with me.

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