How To Create A High Ticket Course

Recently I was asked on an expert platform about the way to create a high ticket course, but with a twist. "How did you create a high ticket business course, product or service without experience?" Here's my answer:

There’s a gap between where the client is now, A, and where they want to be, B.

First, we must cover something that should be obvious, but may not be for some people...if you have no experience in bridging that gap, then you shouldn’t be creating a solution for it, right?

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The Simple Way To Create A High Ticket Course

Now if what you’re asking is how to create a solution you’re experienced with without ever written it down as a product or service before, don’t get worried about the process. Remember, you know more about the topic than your client. Be organized. Write the steps of the solution down in order. Flesh them out. What needs to be done to move the client from A to B?

People want to be lead. They like to know that there is a plan, even if they do not see all the details, because it demonstrates to them that you have done this before. That builds confidence. So don’t worry about having the exact right plan; just worry about having a plan.

If you know your topic, this is a lot more straightforward than you might be thinking. Write down the steps, make sure they’re in the right order, fill in the blanks on what needs to be done. Run a client or two through it. See where gaps still are, and make improvements.

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