Most Popular Feb Posts at SalesTactics.org

Most Popular Feb PostsThe most popular Feb posts here on SalesTactics.org were all about how to sell today, and what it takes to do so.

Why am I reviewing these? I get the impression that many people believe once an article, book or video is made, it's done. Over. In the past. No longer relevant. Think this is kind of silly? Let's go look at a post from 2005.

Wait, you say. That's old. Ah ha.

My point. The information continues to be relevant and important! So don't write off content just because it was first presented some time ago.

Most Popular Feb Posts at SalesTactics.org

The top three posts of the month are:

#1 - How To Sell In the New Economy
The rules and expectations of selling have changed. Throwing features and benefits at your prospect and hoping something sticks, or putting your faith exclusively in developing a "relationship" with your prospect, are methods that no longer work. So what is working?

#2 - How Badly Do You Want It

A cartoon gives us a startlingly clear example of what it can take to be the best in your field. Sometimes the price of success can be painful, and different from what we thought it would be!

#3 - Sales Prospecting by Claude Whitacre

Sorry, the freebie period is now over; however, $2.99 is a tiny investment for this amazing book. If you're having trouble getting conversations on the phone, Claude's book is the best resource you can find for the price.

My Take On the Results of the Most Popular Feb Posts

So here's my take on these results. I believe it represents a thought process in you, the reader: first, What has changed about selling? A look at the outside world. Then, second, introspection. What do I need to do to make that change in myself? And third, what specific techniques do I need to be using to get there? Pretty cool!

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