Traffic and Conversions: Doubled In 90 Days with Neil Patel

Traffic and ConversionsTraffic and Conversions: Neil Patel is an expert on these topics. He's also one of the legit and truly giving people in the SEO world. And yes, SEO remains relevant for getting you traffic. In today's Quicksprout entry, Neil is giving away two great resources...and a challenge for you.

No sales plan is complete without traffic. And whether you're getting that traffic from making prospecting calls, referrals or inbound online leads, you should be building your traffic levels. Neil is sharing just how to do that with two guides.

Two FREE Guides for Doubling Your Traffic AND Conversions

These resource guides are usually $79, but they're free here today.

First, download Double Your Traffic In 30 Days.

Second, download Double Your Conversions In 30 Days. Wow! What a pair of powerful toolkits!

Neil's Traffic and Conversions Challenge to You

Third, the challenge. Neil is challenging you to Double Your Traffic in 90 Days. 90! That's 3X as long as the guide titles say it'll take--and challenges motivate you to take action. In fact, Neil wants you to publicly commit to this very achievable goal by going here.

There's a kind of mini-forum for discussing how to reach your traffic goal with other people doing the same thing.

Here's your challenge, and an example of what you're going to write down:

"Between X Date and Y Date,
I will bring 2500 unique visitors to MySite.com"

Obviously you will fill in the dates and # of visitors relevant to you and your site.

Interview with Neil Patel On Traffic and Conversions

In a previous post, I shared another download from Neil. Also included was my interview with Neil that included some suprising data on the effectiveness of infographics. For my interview with Neil, click here.

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