Sales Prospecting Claude Whitacre Book FREE on Kindle for Short Time

Sales Prospecting Claude Whitacre

Sales Prospecting Claude Whitacre Kindle Edition

Sales Prospecting: The Ultimate Guide To Finding Highly Likely Prospects You Can Close In One Call by Claude Whitacre is FREE on Kindle for the next couple of days. If you missed it, c'est dommage, but it's worth the tiny investment regardless. In Sales Prospecting Claude Whitacre has provided quickly actionable, complete and hard-to-find information about prospecting that you simply can't find anywhere else. Choosing your prospects is, in my experience, one of if not THE top things you can do to ensure success.

Here's my review of Sales Prospecting Claude Whitacre Kindle Edition:

As a sales trainer, I can tell you that prospecting is simply the step of the process nobody seems to want to do.

Alas, prospecting is the FIRST step of the sales process. You won't get many conversations if you won't prospect!

This is right where Claude's book comes in. Choosing your prospects carefully--to the point of spending MOST of your time selecting those prospects--is the #1 thing you can do to ensure your sales success. Claude shows you how to find those prospects who want to talk to someone like you...who you don't have to persuade to buy...and how to start those conversations so that they don't sound like grinding gears. If you want a more pleasant and effective experience, and to make the money you desire, this is your starting point.

What You'll Get from Sales Prospecting Claude Whitacre Kindle Edition

"If you are a salesperson who is looking for a proven method to multiply your sales prospecting results, you have just found the Motherload.

Inside, you’ll discover;

Why prospecting the way you were taught is a colossal waste of time.

How to cold call comfortably, without fearing rejection or suffering call reluctance.

The one vital factor in getting referrals that nobody is taught, that will triple the number of referrals you get.

The one secret to referral prospecting that will almost guarantee that referrals will buy from you.

How to get people to want to ask you about your business, in a way that is completely natural and comfortable.

A proven method, not taught anywhere else, to find the 6 % that will almost certainly buy from you...and the system to see an endless supply of these highly likely prospects.

Written by a salesman who practices what he preaches. Every method is field tested and proven.

Complete with every script, answers to every objection, and every resource you need to send your sales prospecting results through the roof."

Don't miss this.

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