Training Gen Y Salespeople: Eddy Ricci Interview

Eddy Ricci Interview

Eddy Ricci Interview On Training Generation Y Salespeople

Eddy Ricci, Jr., author of The Growth Game, shared his experience as a Gen Y member training other Gen Y salespeople. With his company of the same name, Eddy is giving Gen Y what they need to become better performers.

From Eddy we learn that Gen Y:

  • needs more consistent feedback in the workplace
  • benefits most from customization in training they're receiving
  • are not necessarily tech-savvy, but are good online networkers.

In a marketplace where they must develop real-world relationships instead of relying entirely upon the social media they grew up with, Gen Y has a number of specific needs addressed by this training.

What You Can Learn from the Eddy Ricci Interview

In the article I previously referenced, we looked at the changes necessary for a sales training program to be effective with Gen Y.

But how about getting those sales jobs? Many Gen Y members are about to graduate from college. What should they do now to help them get a sales job? Eddy and I cover several methods to study and get on the hiring radar of companies likely to hire Gen Y candidates.

Job hunts require a focus, so what types of companies are focusing on hiring Gen Y? Eddy tells us the three industries that are especially predisposed to hiring Generation Y members.

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Gen Y and the workforce is a very hot topic; just do a Google search for the term. And there's a huge reason: Generation Y is a third of the workforce now, and only going to increase. As this group, with its different attitudes towards work and values of success, joins the workforce and gradually gets older and into leadership positions, what changes will they bring?

If you're interested in Gen Y training from Eddy Ricci, Jr., click here.

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