Interview with Dave Kurlan Sales Force Developer

Interview with Dave KurlanToday's interview with Dave Kurlan is on phone prospecting. The Boston-area sales force developer is one of the top sales trainers in the world. Dave's blog has been recognized for thought leadership, winning awards every year. I caught up with him to talk about what's new and has changed with phone prospecting.

Dave and I discuss:

* Who is using cold calling to prospect? When should we use it?

* The surprising truth about how many attempts are frequently necessary to reach prospect—and how the new phenomenon of “passive rejection” could be hurting you

* How to start conversations effectively, particularly with the use of Pacing

* How to leave voicemails that get returned—and what it takes today, including the odd connection between Halloween and prospecting

* And much more!

Interview with Dave Kurlan - Recording

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More from Dave Kurlan:

omghub.com - Dave's blog

If you're not signed up for Dave's blog posts, you should be! Dave usually posts several times a week, and you'll see stats, techniques, opinions and studies that you won't find anywhere else. He often has an opinion on studies run by other groups or academia, and I don't know about you but I wouldn't know about those things except through Dave's blog. It's a great way to keep up on what the thought leaders in sales are doing.

More about pacing and starting calls

This is a collection of some of Dave's top selling tips. You could pay for a sales training book, or you could geat real-world expertise free right here from one of the world's top sales trainers!

My 2012 interview with Dave

The 2012 interview is about 45 minutes and is in even more depth on the consultative selling approach. I listened to it yesterday and it continues to be relevant and educational. Sales has changed and this interview with Dave Kurlan shows that.