Commitment In Sales Training: Monika DAgostino Interview

Monika DAgostino Interview

Monika DAgostino Interview On Commitment In Selling

Consultative sales trainer Monika D'Agostino spoke with me about her experience and trends she's seen in sales training. As the principle of the Consultative Sales Academy, Monika offers certifications through an eight month program.

That might sound lengthy, but with a concentration on one vital selling skillset every month it's obvious Monika is out to make her clients develop effective new habits. And that does take time--every personal development expert will tell you it takes 30 days to create a new habit.

It's not surprising, when you learn a little about her background in the Monika DAgostino interview, why she stresses practicing and technique. I'll leave that for the interview. But as she said, "I didn't learn how to skate in a day," so why would you expect to learn how to sell in a one-day seminar?

Key Takeaway from the Monika DAgostino Interview

Turns out that Monika is on a similar mission to my own: to elevate the profession of selling. And it's a tough mission, because sales is so vilified in popular media and by the public; everyone really wants to think of salespeople as rip-off artists.

You wouldn't expect to become a world class chef overnight. So expecting to develop the skills to be an effective salesperson in a similar timeframe is silly, isn't it. As we hear in the Monika DAgostino interview, companies and individuals must show commitment to learning and applying these skills or they simply will never get them.

That's also a great qualifier for companies who may want to work with Monika. Those expecting an instant transformation are fantasy seekers who need not apply.

And we discuss a whole lot more about selling.

Click here to listen to the full interview with Monika DAgostino

One of the most interesting things Monika reported was a client saying the skills her training provided were not unique. They could be taught by other trainers. However, what did stand out to the client was her stance on commitment and how the delivery of the training--over the eight month certification program--is done. That is what makes the difference. A weekend seminar will just slide right off you. Working day in and day out on these skills is what makes them stick.

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