Local Online Marketing: Interview with Claude Whitacare

Local Online MarketingLocal Online Marketing is an important topic that I knew very little about. I was able to interview an expert on the topic and learn a whole lot in a short time. Claude Whitacre is a local online marketing pro, and a sales trainer. What a knock-out combination!

People often confuse SEO and online marketing. The two are not the same thing. Also, Facebook is often viewed as a platform for local marketing. But how effective is it in getting you quick conversions?

And what if you could dominate Page 1 of Google's search results for your local area and term--even knocking big companies off the page with four, five or even more of your own listings? Doesn't that sound amazingly effective? We need to know if this is possible or just another pipe dream.

What's Working with Local Online Marketing

In this detailed interview, Claude covers questions like:

  • Does local online marketing replace print advertising?
  • What is the most effective way to advertise online?
  • What's the difference between local online marketing and selling online?
  • What about Pay Per Click Advertising?
  • Can business owners do this on their own?

And much, much more!

Following the economic crash in 2008, Claude used his own brick-and-mortar store as the lab for determining what really works online. His results, and those of his clients, are not those of theories but hard data from real experience.

And finally, before we get into the actual interview, I can share with you from my own experience as an executive with a Fortune 1000 franchise operation that "Local Wins" in B2C. The public badly wants to deal with someone local: they will call a phone number with a local area code over a 1-800 number every time. Even in cases where we tried PPC for franchise locations on different sides of the same city, people wanted to deal with the location closer to them. PPC leads drawn from the wrong area were invariably a waste of time and money.

Claude has a huge amount of his own expertise to share in this interview.

Click Here to listen to the full interview

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