David Brock On Change: Interview with Jason Kanigan

David Brock On Change

David Brock On Change In Business Strategy

I spoke with David Brock on change: specifically about generating and training client organizations to tackle change. Dave calls himself a business strategy consultant and as a principle of Partners In Excellence he's had many years of experience with large multinational firms.

When working with clients, Dave shares a huge issue: they often want to switch strategies when there isn't an immediate result to the change. They must own the execution piece of the shift. And, not surprisingly, the "Why" has to be big for the client to energize with the change.

The disconnect I've noticed between the top level executive looking at a quota or financial performance sheet and the activities of their front line salespeople is echoed in Dave's experience. By scheduling time for top officers to spend with clients and sales ridealongs, their knowledge of what's really going on can be quickly increased. Brock's example of the Japanese CEO who had not seen a customer in nine months except by accident was shocking.

Additionally, David talks about sales managers lacking organizational measurement tools to understand key drivers of performance. Watching lagging indicators, like revenue, is dangerous because by the time you realize there's a problem, it is often too late to do something about it. Leading indicators must be identified to ensure the right activities are being done. For instance, if we simply increase the number of dials salespeople are making, we could find ourselves merely having more bad conversations.

Towards the conclusion of our conversation, Dave and I discuss channel partner sales. This is an option for answering the question, "How do we get to market?", and a rare opportunity to discuss the channel method with a knowledgeable guest.

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