How the Fortune 1000 Train Their Sales Teams: Richard Ruff Interview

Richard Ruff Interview

Richard Ruff Interview On Sales Process Development

I spoke with sales process developer Richard Ruff, who has three decades large scale sales training projects for Fortune 1000 companies. You might recognize his clients, some of which are: Microsoft, Kimberly-Clark, Xerox, Canon, Allstate.

Process development is different from technique taining. Ruff's focus is not on techniques, but rather how the sales teams of large companies can adapt to changes in buyer behavior. The necessary techniques stem from that. In this Richard Ruff interview we talk about a process small and medium-sized businesses are not yet using, because of their over-concentration on specific technique.

How large companies develop their sales forces and processes is different from smaller businesses--but that is changing. With the recent move to concentrating on economic inside sales roles, small and medium-sized firms have found their inside salespeople must complete complex sales. The days of an inside salesperson just answering the phone and taking the prospect through a script are coming to an end. Therefore this kind of training is required for them, too.

Main Takeaway from the Richard Ruff Interview

Unlike new business owners, consultants, and salespeople, the sales executives at larger companies already have some competence with technique. They know how to do the basic things necessary in a sales role. So the question is not "What do I do to get things started?", but rather, "How do I navigate the byzantine world of the complex sale?" With multiple stakeholders, some of whom do not get along (as we cover in our discussion), hidden problems on both the buyer and seller sides, and salespeople at different effectiveness levels, how is one program to handle all of these issues and more?

If you own or work at a small business or consultancy, you may be wondering how what this Richard Ruff interview has to say is relevant to you. Well I'll tell you:

This Is Where Sales Training Is Headed. For Everyone.

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Dick is a principle of Sales Momentum. You can follow his blog entries at The Sales Training Connection.

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