Mindset of a Successful Salesperson: Inner Success Radio Interviews Jason Kanigan

Mindset of aSuccessful Salesperson

Mindset of a Successful Salesperson - What Does It Take?

Inner Success Radio recently interviewed sales force developer Jason Kanigan. Instead of focusing on sales techniques, as many past interviewers have done, this podcast zeroed in on what the mindset of a successful salesperson is like.

Few trainers talk about this kind of information, because the focus is often on the latest "close" or technique. However, correct mindset is the foundation of sales success and at least 80% responsible for results. How a person thinks and feels about themselves, because of their beliefs, determine their results. For instance, if an individual does not think of herself as a confident executive, she will have trouble reaching out to others she perceives as confident executives. Regardless of any technical training she may receive, her sales process is likely doomed to failure because of her limiting beliefs. These are often unconsciously held, and we call that head trash.

When training clients, Jason Kanigan always begins with mindset. Success is going to be far more difficult to reach without first straightening out your belief system, because you will not do the necessary behaviors. Join host Charles Rivers, Jr. and Jason Kanigan as they delve into the "mind game" of selling.

Listen to the full Inner Success Radio interview on the Mindset of a Successful Salesperson with Jason Kanigan here:

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