Business Unleashed Interviews Sales Trainer Jason Kanigan

Jason Kanigan Q&A with Business UnleashedJason Kanigan gives us a bit of a role reversal today: instead of interviewing another expert, he's been interviewed by the UK's Business Unleashed.

This Q&A is all about starting your own business. So if you're a budding or aspiring entrepreneur, you'll definitely want to take note. Four critical issues new and even experienced entrepreneurs miss that could be hobbling your growth and ability are discussed.

About Business Unleashed and the Jason Kanigan Q&A

A resource for Creatives, Consultants and Coaches in running a profitable operation, Business Unleashed shares many of these text valuable Q&A pieces. Also, they release podcasts on important business topics such as:

  • Finding Your Niche.
  • Branding Yourself
  • Getting Clients
  • Getting Your Prices Right
  • Invoicing and Getting Paid (on time)
  • Selling Complimentary Services
  • Getting better clients
  • Delivering the work
  • Expanding / Outsourcing / Growing.

One very important idea I didn't go into depth about in the quick Q&A is having customers signed up before you start your business. Be clear about what it is you're going to offer; what problem you'll be solving for your target market. Sign some up. Get promises that they'll bring you on board as soon as you open your doors--or even better, a down payment commitment.

This is easier to accomplish than you are probably thinking. Remember, most people want to be helpful. If you can show them how you'll eliminate a problem in their world, and have it be a big relief to them, there's no reason why they wouldn't be interested in having you get started ASAP.

Starting your own business and making it profitable is straightforward. But most people rush in because they have the idea of delivering a product or service, without checking to see that it's something others actually want and will pay for. Finding out beforehand is an excellent way of validating your business idea.

Click here for the Q&A with Jason Kanigan

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Jason Kanigan

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