Crash Course On Pricing: Creating a Successful Business

Crash Course On PricingCrash Course On Pricing is the title of this post, but really it's about how to set up your business to WIN.

Especially if you are a consultant.

Jason Kanigan did a crash course on pricing.

Not many people are talking about this topic. It's easier to talk about closing, promotion, and reducing costs.

What's so special about Pricing?

Why a Crash Course On Pricing?

After the professional experience of two decades following college, and as a consultant in the past several with over 1500 unique businesses, it turns out that Price is the key to both financial and personal happiness in your business.

If you are:

  • starting a new business
  • frustrated and bored with the repetitious projects you've been getting
  • struggling to pay your bills, or never feel like you're getting ahead
  • worried the future is simply going to be more of the present
  • disappointed because you feel you're not being taken seriously by prospects

then you need to listen to this crash course on pricing.

This post won't be up forever. A high ticket training program is being developed from this material. Just because it's free at this time doesn't mean it's worthless. So absorb it now while you can.

The Crash Course On Pricing

Chris Green of Business Unleashed in the UK discovers Why You Should Charge More (Right Now)—click the link to be take to the podcast page to listen to it.

Follow the instructions of this crash course in pricing, separate price from the time you work, and it will change your life. Splitting your energy among many clients every month is exhausting. You can't get really good results for any of them. And the effort to find and sell to them all is far too great a requirement. You can't keep doing it. Imagine working with one to four clients a month, and getting paid more than you ever did before. You have all the time you need for recharging, learning, and fulfilling. Your life has truly changed.

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Jason Kanigan


  1. This could easily be sold as an expensive course. Just because it’s a free podcast doesn’t mean it’s not ultra-valuable!

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