What Business Owners On Facebook Are Missing

The Business Owners On Facebook Have This Problematic Belief

...that "if only" they can get some magic Traffic source set up, all of their ills will be fixed.

But more traffic doesn't solve your problems. You're looking in the wrong place.

All it does is point out all the other vulnerabilities and leaks in your processes.

It's like pumping a massive volume of water through a broken piping system: all these leaks are going to show up everywhere, suddenly, as the pressure blows those valves and connections.

Everything that is weak is immediately shown up.

says the novice business owner,
"Isn't Traffic the holy grail? Isn't it true that if only I got more leads, I'd make more sales?"

Inconsistent results is all you'd ever see with that situation.

What Business Owners On Facebook Truly Need

In 2019 I entered a new-to-me, highly technical market. I knew no one. Within a very short time I started getting seen as an insider, someone who other people came to for advice. Wouldn't you like to do the same?

Let me tell you what most of the business owners on Facebook are missing. They:

  • don't know their target audience (though many lie and say they do...but press and you'll discover they have no idea how or why their target market will buy)
  • have no Revenue Plan (and the action plan that comes from it--where's that money going to come from?)
  • don't even have a specific money target
  • believe some kind of miraculous Traffic source is going to solve all of their problems
  • consider Systems to be some sort of dreamworld, "someday, Timmy," blue chip thing only big, successful companies have.

You don't need more Traffic.

What you really need is more Certainty.

The Power of Certainty In Business

If you're ready to admit what you've been doing until now is hoping things will magically work out, then you need to have a Certainty Consultation with me. How will we get you to this level of certainty, in knowing what you're doing will definitely get you results?

I will take you through the proven process of gaining certainty in yourself and with your business.

My background includes a 15 year corporate executive history, I was a plant manager at 25, and have run my own businesses for the past decade. Not just somebody who's "1% ahead of you". The kinds of things you'll learn from me... it's not the same regurgitated stuff you get fed online.

All leading to the outcome of you having, probably for the very first time, a real, certain, path to success.

If you're ready to be one of these fortunate individuals, claim your consultation.

Jason Kanigan

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