Most Popular Mar Posts at SalesTactics.org

Most Popular Mar PostsThe most popular Mar posts here at SalesTactics.org were all about how to start a conversation.

Since many people say they can sell, if only they can get the conversation, this isn't surprising. The reality is often a little different, though, with new-to-selling business owners believing charm and technical knowledge are enough. They frequently run into prospects who don't play along. Beginning the dialogue with the prospect is an essential first step of the sales process. If it isn't accomplished effectively, nothing else will happen!

Most Popular Mar Posts at SalesTactics.org

#1 - Foot In the Door technique Is Terrible Advice

Common advice is to find a "foot in the door" low cost product or service to begin a sales relationship with. While this sounds good in theory, many hidden factors combine to devalue you and your offering in the mind of the prospect. Who you attract and what problem you solve for them dictate your income, and if you "play it small" that's what you'll get.

This post attracted a lot of attention and discussion. The major issues I wanted to highlight were the headtrash this technique reveals, and the fact that most people totally lack a follow-up plan if they do sell a "foot in the door" product or service. The result is a lot of running around, scraping together small amounts of money in the struggle to survive. Is this how you want to conduct your business?

#2 - How To Find Pain Points

Pain points are urgent, typically emotionally-driven problems or symptoms of problems that we can resolve for our customers. But how do you uncover them? Fortunately, a time investment is the only thing required. You won't have to fight or struggle to find pain points for your niche--friendly decision makers will simply tell them to you if you speak with enough of them.

This article discusses how to get those conversations, and what to listen for.

#3 - How To Make an Effective Elevator Speech

When asked, "So, what do you do?" is your answer succinct and effective in starting a conversation...or do you hum and haw your way through the response and turn off your listener?

A good elevator speech should be interesting and do the job of qualifying your prospect. It's a tool that, when crafted and executed correctly, separates those people who do have a problem you can solve from those who you shouldn't be spending more energy on at the moment. Learn how to prepare yours here.

My Take On the Most Popular Mar Posts

What these results are showing me is the beginning of some mature consideration of the sales process by you. Yes, you! You've stepped beyond the idea of looking for a "magic bullet" in sales, and realized there are process steps here. And the first one is starting that conversation effectively. If you can't do that, nothing else matters.

As a result, I'll be looking at the qualifying step a little more closely this coming month. That's the next step in the process.

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