My Business Is Different

Behind Dan Kennedy in videos of past group training events he has posted a sign. That puts the sign at the front of the room, where everybody can see it. Black text on a bright yellow background proclaims:

"But Dan...

...my business is different!"

We hear this in a really whiny tone..."But DAAAA-AAAAN..."

And I personally have heard this excuse for making positive changes by many business owners over the years.

People always have well thought-out reasons for why things are the way they are.

But the fact is these are just excuses.

They demonstrated the hemmed-in thinking resulting from that person's limiting beliefs.

but dan my business is different

"But Daaa-aaan...My Business Is Different!

And don't get me wrong: I have them as well. My first instinct when challenged about an idea is to resist change. It's only natural. I don't blame you for having that defensive feeling. I do, too.

However, I get over it as fast as I can. I know I'm just making an excuse.

See, the thing is that I don't really know what's "true." I only know what has been "true" for me up this point.

And as we discussed yesterday, most facts actually only opinions.

What Dan is getting at with his sign is reminding us of this. He's reminding his paying, already bought-in group of clients, too!--that if we're not careful, we'll be zombie slaves to our unacknowledged limiting beliefs.

We ACT in accordance with what we believe to be true.

We SEE only what we believe to be true.

Is it possible you might be failing to act on something because of a belief about what's true? That you're not seeing something because of what you believe to be true?

Dan is pointing out that the pricing, marketing, and sales processes of businesses are the same regardless of what field you're in.

Significant price elasticity still exists. Whether you believe it or not.

You still have to develop authority if you want to charge higher prices. Whether you believe it or not.

A consistent sales process is still required. Whether you believe it or not.

If you believe "my business is different" because of market conditions, past behavior of prospects, the way things have historically been done around here, and so on, you'll fight tooth and nail to defend the excuse of why you can't make the changes to improve. And you won't improve.

Your business is NOT different. And neither is mine.

I think I'll post a sign like Dan's above my desk, so that I can be reminded to challenge my own limiting beliefs even more frequently.