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sales processSometimes I get feedback that makes me do a double-take.

Feedback like, "This is Sales 101. I must be much farther ahead than most people."

I have to tell you: the evidence is heavily against that being the case.

Sales and sales process

are not as well understood as individuals think they are.

When you have stats saying:

82% of salespeople fail to differentiate themselves

86% of salespeople ask the wrong questions

(the Sales Board)

things are clearly wrong with the process.

When most salespeople can't even get the decision maker on the line or start a conversation, you know there's a problem with their sales and sales process.

Oh, you may "know" what to do from reading it in a book. But get into the pressure of a real selling conversation, and what do you do? Revert to the comfort zone. Product knowledge. "Show Up and Throw Up."

Do you conduct a post mortem after each sales call? What went wrong? What went right? Do you truly find your actions mirror what you "know"?

The odds are against it. I screw up from time to time--usually rushing between other calls. Once in awhile I forget to ask if there's another person involved in the decision. Occasionally I go into what I do prematurely, instead of asking more questions. And when I do that, hurdles appear. If I'm doing those things, so are you. Nobody's perfect.

We could all be performing better. If these articles serve to remind instead of educate, they've still fulfilled their purpose. To perform at our best, we need ongoing reinforcement of sales process and technique. A master painter, chef, martial artist or mechanic does not stop practicing and studying and expect to retain their skill. Let's keep this in mind.

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Jason Kanigan

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