Sales On Fire Fireside Chat No. 1

FiresideCoverOne of my fellow Coastal Carolina Network tv producers has been pushing me to make a Sales On Fire “Fireside Chat”. We did this as a proof of concept for a branding piece we've been kicking around for many months, but have been putting off because I thought we needed a Frank Kern-looking fancy office for the environment. Well, that theory has been disproved. I'm quite happy with how this turned out visually. It's tv-ready. After eight straight hours of shooting, editing and producing, it should be!

As to the content, it's the kind of stuff I share in my blog posts and longer Facebook entries. After three years of experience running Sales On Fire, Inc., and 15 preceding years of real world executive experience, I have a distinctive point of view...along with certain frustrations, irritations and a level of jadedness I freely admit to. In fact, one of the key points my fellow producer said this shoot has is honesty. It is a brutal honesty, though I tried to temper it, but in it I share how I really feel about the IM marketplace.

What I Share In This Sales On Fire Fireside Chat

I put off this shoot for a week because I didn't want it to be a rant. The principles I discuss in this video apply not only to IM but business in general. In it, I explain:

> how “motivation” is your problem, not mine (and your real problem!)

> why I don't offer low-priced products

> why I don't work with newbies

> why newbies and even people who have been trying to make their own business happen for years and years fail and will continue to fail

> how the attitude of newbies drives competent coaches and potential helpers away

> exactly what you can change to be much more effective and build your business to be a success.

These points work and are applicable outside IM just as much as inside. They're about business...any business.

Sales On Fire Fireside Chat No. 1

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