First Marketing Piece [Business Newbie Guide Part 3]

First Marketing PieceFirst marketing piece: how do you write it? This is a big question for most business creators.

And what do they do? Rush out and make a brochure. Whether it is online or on paper, this brochure typically talks about features and benefits of getting the product or service the new business offers.

This is a mistake.

It's also why most brochures are as boring as dirt. "We are these people. This is what we do. It comes in yellow and green. Blah blah blah."

Customers are not attracted by nor do they buy because of these things.

And have you noticed how they are all self-centered? "Me Me Me." That's what the baby business is saying. Even though the most basic marketer knows they ought to be focused on the customer, they default to "Me Me Me" as soon as they have to write a brochure.

How To Make Your First Marketing Piece be Customer-Centered

Instead, imagine a first marketing piece that lets prospective customers know that you understand their situation?

That there are problems, and symptoms of problems, that are resulting in the very uncomfortable situation they find themselves in at this moment--which is precisely why they are looking for a way out?

A common example is: if you were having a heart attack, and a doctor was available to help you immediately, how much would you pay that doctor for their attention?

The answer is: anything.

Use Pain Points for the Copy of Your First Marketing Piece

This is the kind of situation we are looking for, and want to talk about in your first marketing piece. What situation are they in right now...what problem or symptom of a problem are they experiencing...that shows they are in a situation they absolutely cannot remain in?

Near-Future Pain is the biggest motivator of change.

Someone who sees a big problem coming up in the very short term, or that is already upon them, is instantly ready to get the help they need to get away from that problem.

Have your marketing collateral speak to that.

You conducted information interviews and found pain points. Now is the time to write your first marketing piece using the exact words and phrases your niche did to tell you their pain points.

For sales training, mine are...

"If you are:

* frustrated that price keeps coming up as the number one objection from prospects

* concerned that your revenue is up one month and down the next like a yo-yo

* upset because either you or your sales staff are unwilling or unable to make prospecting calls consistently and effectively

we should speak."

This is how to get a conversation started with a highly interested prospect.

The pain point resonates with them. They understand that YOU understand their situation...and because you are speaking so specifically, you stand out well past any competitors--who are going on and on in that boring way about their features and benefits.

Here's a video I made about today's post:

It's too early to talk about results.

Stick with the symptoms and problems for starters.

If you can't start the conversation effectively, you don't get anything else.

Use the pain points to get In.

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Jason Kanigan


  1. Spot on Jason, when you are marketing you should make it about your customer not about you! Most people miss this important part so many times. They are only concerned about themselves and not their audience. Good stuff thanks for sharing this.

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