Here are the Business Newbie Guide posts. This step-by-step guide on how to choose a product or service and get sales for it is provided free by Sales On Fire.

The purpose of this guide is to get you and your business into a state where you are ready to work with me.

How To Choose a Product [Business Newbie Guide Part 1] - How to choose a product or service to offer is often the most daunting question for newbies to business. This straightforward-sounding issue leads to more newbies giving up than any other. After months of paralyzing indecision and 'analysis paralysis', alongside… Continue Reading
How to decide on a service How To Decide On a Service [Business Newbie Guide Part 2] - How to decide on a service or product to offer with your new business is a question that creates panic in even the most confident mind. What if your choice is wrong? What if your market doesn't want that? What… Continue Reading
First Marketing Piece First Marketing Piece [Business Newbie Guide Part 3] - First marketing piece: how do you write it? This is a big question for most business creators. And what do they do? Rush out and make a brochure. Whether it is online or on paper, this brochure typically talks about… Continue Reading
Where to Market [Business Newbie Guide Part 4] - Where to market? So you've made a critical marketing piece: now where do you put it? Just like a website without traffic, a report without readers or a video without viewers is a billboard in the desert. You need multiple… Continue Reading
Expanding Your Influence [Business Newbie Guide Part 5] - Expanding your influence is a key factor in increasing your business. If no one knows who you are, or what problems you solve, they won't know to get ahold of you for help. This is why those who jump from… Continue Reading

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