Sales On Fire (Store)

Sales On Fire


For more than ten years, Jason's flagship program has been showing presidents and professionals how to conduct high quality sales conversations with prospects. The critical method of quickly separating people you shouldn't be talking to from those you should is the core of this incredible training program. Additionally, we go over Call Reluctance (the fear of calling), and the training here has frequently been described as unique and powerfully effective by clients. You won't have heard this training anywhere else.

If you or your sales staff are:

  • afraid to pick up the phone
  • getting stopped by gatekeepers
  • have no idea what to say
  • only know about traditional features-and-benefits selling
  • dislike the idea of being seen as "pushy"
  • want good results in the next few weeks
  • find prospects' behavior a mystery

then Sales On Fire is right for you.

This program is delivered by two membership sites, and over eight hours of training videos. Written materials are also provided. We go far beyond technique, into the realm of uncovering and destroying limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

If you have sales staff, this is the perfect training program for new and experienced salespeople to return to often for ongoing reinforcement.

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All products and services from Jason Kanigan and Sales On Fire are tax-deductible expenses. Keep your receipts and give them to your accountant; they will reduce your taxable income even if you are an employee.