Growth Program for Agency Founders

Hi, I'm Jason Kanigan and for more than a dozen years I've been making money online and helping other business owners do better.

My network in the internet marketing world is huge. These include a past president of Glazer Kennedy (if you don't know who Dan Kennedy is, you should probably find out—Russell Brunson, the ClickFunnels guy, bought all his intellectual property), top copywriters other than myself, and a zillion successful space and tech founders. They give me access to programs all the time, and ask me my opinion. I have discernment, meaning I have seen many things and know what works and what doesn't. Stuff that sounds really good to newbie ears falls flat to mine because I recognize hype and BS for what they are.

If you're an agency founder or someone who wants to be, there's a program we need to discuss.

But I have to warn you: this program is only for individuals who are absolutely COMMITTED to an agency as the vehicle to get them what they want out of life: money, impact, a business to pass on to your children...

...and it's "expensive".

Well, the investment is mid-four figures. That can be split up over a few payments if you need to.

If that's beyond you, please close this page right now and go on to read some of the great posts for startup founders here at

With my powers of discernment I can tell you the investment in this program is an incredible deal. The payback from it is astonishing, because it gives you access to a level of support I could only dream of in, say, my second business in 2017. I sure could have used this level of help then.

As one small "for instance", no one taught me how to be the CEO of an agency. Despite a business degree, 15 years of corporate executive experience, and a bunch more running my own small companies, no one explained this. In 2017 a partner and I started an agency, and suddenly we were making not just money but A LOT OF MONEY. He and I discovered we were no longer taking sales calls. We weren't doing service delivery work. We had teams for that. We had infrastructure. Ongoing and high outflow costs in systems, coaches, staff.

So if we weren't taking sales calls and we weren't doing delivery...what were we doing?

The program I want to introduce you to tells you exactly what you should be doing as the CEO of an agency.

And that's just the cherry on top.

It tells you everything else, too.

How to hire. To the point of straight up giving you copy for the Want Ads.

How to get clients. Providing you the funnels.

How to systemize. So that you get your time back.

All the SOPs it takes newbie business owners at least two years to figure out.

Would you like to leapfrog ahead two years from where you are now?

Do you think that level of help is worth a paltry mid-four figure investment to get?

Look—I'm not going to jump up and down any further here. I believe I've made my point. You know whether you qualify or not.

If you want this, if you're serious and committed to an agency as your vehicle for getting what you want from life as I said above, we need to speak.

Let me know that I should send you more info and allow you to arrange a Zoom call by sending me the details below.