Terri Levine Show Interviews Jason Kanigan

Terri Levine Show Interviews Jason Kanigan

Terri Levine Show interviews Jason Kanigan On Selling

Small business advisor Terri Levine recently interviewed sales force developer Jason Kanigan for her podcast. Terri's show concentrates on helping small business owners increase their sales, raise the profile of their social media, and boost the effectiveness of their networking activities. One of the big issues small business owners have is in starting effective sales conversations. Jason discusses what's stopping you from taking this critical step, and how to move ahead in a safe and ethical way.

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Terri Levine Show Interviews Jason Kanigan: Special Guest Blog

Also, a guest blog post, Steps to Resolving Sales Problems, was written especially for the small business owners listening to The Terri Levine Show. In this guest post, the common issues of the small business owner:

  • not wanting to feel like a slimy salesperson
  • trying to sell to everyone they meet
  • failing to solve a distinct problem

are revealed and explained.

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