Six Years of Sales and Marketing Know How

Did you know that this blog was started in 2014?

That in just a few days there will be SIX YEARS of sales and marketing know-how here?

And yet...

...do you use it?

Do you know HOW to use it?

Sales and Marketing Know How

What I recommend is clicking on the Categories link in the top bar.

That'll open up a page with some header-type words and phrases. These should help you narrow down to what you're looking for. When you click on one of those, a listing of all the posts from the past five years tagged with that header is provided for you.

Then scroll through and see which posts appeal to you.

That in my mind is the fastest way to get to helpful info.

The great thing about sales and marketing, taught by someone who values foundation concepts, is that things don't change.

I won't be talking about something in 2016 that's invalid today. This stuff sticks around.

treasure chest sales and marketing know how

Image by Pezibear from Pixabay

Six Years of Proven Sales and Marketing Know How

The two main headers are "Selling" and "Tactics". Each post has been pegged with one of those two. Then there are sub-category tags, which are the others of the list.

And of course there are other tags, which are usually drawn from phrases in the individual article.

Fact is, there's a lot of useful information here.

Effective info on how you could improve your sales and marketing game.

And I have to write this post to remind you that, in this case because it isn't "stupid google pet tricks", the discussion here is not invalid simply because it is "old."

Take "old" and turn it into "proven".

Take a moment and consider: how many people do you know who have stuck with something for any length of time?

How many people do you know who started a blog...but didn't stick with it because the thing became actual work?

Here you have an asset. Make use of it, okay?

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