Sales Tactics Videos

Sales On Fire president Jason Kanigan has created many Sales Tactics video packs to help you raise your sales & marketing game.

For comparison, live coaching call sessions with Jason start at $4100 for two half-day calls and are filled with value.

These packs are typically 5-6 Sales Tactics videos with run times between 5 and 15 minutes per video, and are available at a huge savings to you.

Each pack and the videos included in it are listed and available below.

Packs are also available in bundles to save you money.

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Imagine the feeling of knowing you've got the answers to any sales or marketing question you might ask, right in your back pocket. The Super Bundle gives you all 96 Sales Tactics videos, and is a huge resource library you and your team can draw upon for years to come.

Sales Action Packs

Sales Actions Pack One, $27

How To Get Past The Gatekeeper

Pain Points Introduction (How To Use Them)

Information Interviews and Pain Points

Follow Up Message Effectiveness

How To Make a Great Elevator Pitch

Why People Buy Sales On Fire


Sales Actions Pack Two, $27

Do You Know Your Numbers? (It's critical that you do)

The #1 Thing You Need To Do To Make Sales

Foot In The Door Is Terrible Technique

When and How to Use Tripwire Products

How Do Freelancers Get Clients?


Sales Actions Pack Three, $27

How Much Time Should You Spend Prospecting?

Firing Clients and Up Front Contracts

Stand Out In Your Job Hunt

Sales Job Success: How To

When Is A Sale A Sale? (Not when you think!)


BUNDLE: All Three Sales Actions Packs, Just $57


Sales Thinking Packs

Sales Thinking Pack One, $27

Why Your Prospects Say NO So Quickly

Does Cold Calling Put You In a Bad Position?

Why Reinforcement In Necessary for Sales Success

Winning People Over (Do you really need to?)

You Choose Your Customers

How Business Growth Really Works


Sales Thinking Pack Two, $27

Buyers Are Liars (Why)

SREDIM and Selling: A Problem Solving Approach To Sales

Curse of Knowledge Hurts Your Sales

Mindset and Selling (How you shut yourself down)

Sales Transformation: The True Meaning

You ARE Your Customers - what you need to know


Sales Thinking Pack Three, $27

The Danger of The Two Sales - the reason you're not making sales

What You Need To Know About Selling

Do Your Customers Have Money?

First Question from Your Prospect and the Curse of Knowledge

You Are Not Your Customer! (this will blow your mind)

How You Are Not Your Customer


BUNDLE: All Three Sales Thinking Packs, Just $57


SaaS Sales Tactics Pack

SaaS Sales Tactics Pack, $37

Why Demos Fail To Sell [SaaS Especially!]

SaaS Sales Problems

Get Users for SaaS?


Business Tactics Pack

Business Tactics Pack, $37

What Is the Distribution Channel for Your Product?

Are You Trying to Compete with the Greats?

The Three Systems Every Business Needs

Your Marketing Message: What it needs to sound like

Is Guru Mentorship, Coaching, Training Worth It?

How To Get Good Affiliates

Distribution Channels and Hungry Markets

When Should I Get Coaching Or Training?


Mindset Success Packs

Mindset and Roles Pack One, $27

What Do You Call Yourself? Titles and Confusion

Are Your Roles Holding You Back?

Limiting Beliefs and Sports Fandom as an Example

Limiting Beliefs Example: The Stretch

Who's In Your Peer Group?

Roles and Pain Points are Directly Related


Mindset and Roles Pack Two, $27

Fulfilling Work and Complexity In Problem Solving

Focus from Mindset: How To Succeed

What the Newbie Mindset Is and How It Hurts You

Mindset Issue for Established Business Owners and Salespeople and How It Brings You Success

Limiting Beliefs Stunt Your Growth


Mindset and Leveling Up Pack, $27

How To See Bigger Opportunities In Business

Leveling Up In Business: The Process

Learn To Play Badly Well (and why you should)

Learning New Skills: How To

Do You Have An Open Perspective?


Mindset and Focus Pack, $27

What Are You Doing Right Now To Succeed?

What To Do If You Are a Commodity

Mindset, Newbies, and Moving On

Sticking With a New Skill

Technique and Old Police Training Movies


Mindset and Persistence Pack, $27

Attention Trumps Quality

You Must Do The Work

Living with Uncertainty

Embrace The Suck

You Have A People Problem, Not A Technology Problem!


Mindset and Pricing Pack, $57

Pricing and Mindset

The Difference Between Money and Currency and Why This Matters

Money Tolerance: An Explanation

All About Money Tolerance

Creating Space to Collect What You Want

Do You Have A Money Plan? (You Need One)

BUNDLE: All Six Mindset Success Packs, Just $97


SUPER BUNDLE (Best Value): All Fourteen Premium Sales Tactics Packs, $197

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