Sales On Fire 2020 (To Thinkific and Beyond!)

No Matter How Great Your Online Marketing Funnel Is,

If You Sell High Value Products Or Services...

...Sooner Or Later You're Gonna Have To TALK TO SOMEBODY

And What Then? That's When You Need SALES ON FIRE


The Sales On Fire program has been field-tested with high value offers for nine years.

Founders and salespeople have learned an ethical, effective approach to selling—one that doesn't leave you with a burnt-out soul from awful "closing techniques".

The program has been upgraded twice before...and now it's time for Sales On Fire 2020.

This moment is a fantastic opportunity for you.

AND... for buyers who take action before January 31, 2021...'ll be included in a BONUS event: guidance on the creation of your 2021 Revenue Plan. How EXACTLY are you going to make the money you need for the coming year? Join us, and you'll know!

Watch this video to find out how you can save over $10,000 (that's not a typo--more than TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS you'd otherwise have to invest) and over FOUR YEARS of your life, and just how necessary this training is for you:


This sales company owner and two 20-year sales vets say...



Get Everything You Need To Know NOW To Start Making Ethical Sales That Make You Feel Great

The coming upgrade to Sales On Fire gives you the opportunity to buy this proven program at a really low investment. In comparison, a two call consultation package with Jason is $2100.

Here's what you'll get:

  • the proven Sales On Fire 3.0 and Offline Control advanced training membership site programs, TODAY

  • the 96+ (!) Sales Tactics videos, a huge library of sales & marketing tips for you and your team to refer to for years to come, TODAY

  • upgraded access to the Thinkific SOF 2020 program including fresh Challenger Sale and selling insights videos as they are completed.

The program will be a mid-four-figure investment (and well worth it) very soon... But you can pick it up now for just $2465

Update: The first SEVENTEEN videos of the new 2020 Upgrade content are already up!

If you're an INBOUND salesperson, coach, or established business owner with a proven source of prospective customers...

> You'll learn the critical skills of filtering those prospects in five minutes or less to send away those who are NOT a good fit, and bring in those who ARE a good fit for you

> How to find out why this person is interested in talking to you...and if it's to "pick your brain", what to do about that because letting them do that will never make you money

> The way to uncover the person's budget without upsetting them by "going for the jugular" talking too early about the very touchy subject of money

If you're an OUTBOUND salesperson or new founder who is responsible for getting customers yourself...

You'll learn everything noted above, PLUS

> How to overcome call reluctance (the fear of picking up the phone to dial out) with a method clients constantly say they've never heard before—and works so well they're eager to get started as soon as they finish listening to the training (and don't worry: this works for email marketing, too)

> Proven techniques to not just "get past the gatekeeper"—you'll learn why that whole notion is dumb—but get them to EAGERLY HELP YOU (if you use this straightforward method, this alone will be worth it to you)

> The exact way to ethically and effectively word "closing the sale" so it's airtight and won't lead to buyer's remorse

...and a whole lot more. You'll never have to waste your own time training an employee in sales ever again, either—just give them Sales On Fire! So get IN now for just $2465 ... this proven program is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars or more when you use it

Sales On Fire Program
Sales On Fire Program
Membership Sites & Thinkific Course

Others say...

These are just a few of the kind words Sales On Fire has resulted in from business owners and sales pros...

Join them and have the ability to get the results they did! Remember, SOF is about outbound AND inbound conversations: you can use these methods both on the phone and in-person—in the boardroom or at a casual networking event; or, heck, even in the checkout line at your local supermarket. The program gives you not only the proven sales methodology, but also founder mindset and business organization expertise. Only $2465, and it's a tax-deductible training expense (give your receipt to your accountant). You get the existing & proven SALES ON FIRE program today, and the bonus 96 Sales Tactics videos, PLUS the new SOF 2020 content as it comes out...the first SEVENTEEN videos of this new Upgrade content are already up! Get IN now and unlock your future:

Sales On Fire Program
Sales On Fire Program
Membership Sites & Thinkific Course


And remember, buyers who take action before January 31, 2021, are included in event to get the certainty of developing your 2021 Revenue Plan! You'll know exactly where the money is coming from that you need--and the activity level you need to get it!


The price will be increasing over time, due to the adding of new proprietary content. As a course creator and expert consultant who has seen the inside of many programs over the past decade, I can tell you that there are many $10K+ programs out there that don't have a third of what Sales On Fire gives you. Founder mindset, business organization AND sales training... and it's a tax-deductible training expense.







No income claims are made. It is up to you to learn and make use of the material. Results are never guaranteed.