Sales Call Review

What's Wrong With Your Sales Calls?

You Are NOT Going To Figure It Out Alone. No One Does

Getting outside perspective is like having a freaking SEARCHLIGHT illuminate all the crazy elements, moments, mechanics that are going on in the sales calls you or your team are having. All those terrible things that are getting in the way of the sale.

I give you impactful feedback, kind of like a PERSONALIZED SALES MANUAL, for you and your team to go out and use right away.

That's a problem with most "sales training", by the way—generic feedback that's not drawn from or suitable for your unique situation. From me, you'll get that personalized feedback. After all, my source material isn't what you SAY you're's the actual CALL.

Imagine knowing precisely what MECHANICAL errors you can quickly correct...

...what TONAL misses you had, and can turn right-side-up for better results on your very next call...

...the NECESSARY COMPONENTS of a successful sales conversation that you, you and no one else (or your specific team member, if you send me their call), have been missing until now—and now you'll be able to ensure these building blocks of WINNING are embedded right in there from the beginning!


So here's the deal:

I like listening to sales call recordings.

It makes me feel like I'm an investigative FBI agent, listening to wiretaps and looking for evidence.

Stuff stands out to me.

Stuff that won't stand out to you, because you're too close to it...too close to that person...too close to the situation.

And that's OK.

I bring in outside consultants to help me with my game, too.

Boy, do they see things that'd make me kick my own behind, if only I could do more than a little donkey kick in that direction.


But here's the thing...

I run a business full time and only have a few spots available to put in the hours necessary to assess and write up my specific assessments and recommendations for your specific calls.

That means I can only open up three spots for this service. When they're taken, you won't be able to buy from this page.

And normally it is $2100 for a 2-call "before and after" consultation package with me.

But I DO want to strongly impact and help get SALES RESULTS for action-takers!


So here's what I'm offering, so I can get you and me these results:

>>> TWO call reviews, one now, one later after you or your team have had the chance to implement the feedback I provide... so that we can ensure you are DOING the things that I've recommended to get you those better results

>>> All 96(!) SALES TACTICS videos, giving you and your team a huge library of sales and marketing tips to refer to for years to come

>>> The "Start To Win" course for business owners—and salespeople, who are mini-business owners INSIDE a business, if they choose to think about it that way (and you'll want them to, trust me: it'll drive revenue)

...all for only $295!


Why can I do this for so low a rate? ($600 an hour is where I'm typically at.)

Here's why: I'm not depending on money from this service for survival. This'll buy me lunch, not make the tiniest dent into our "burn rate" lol. But I DO want to HELP action-takers in these challenging times...and this is the most massive ROI-impacting idea I could think of!

The other thing is this: people who buy from me find out how great my products and services are, and keep buying. I mean, why wouldn't you?! But no one finds out how great your stuff is until AFTER they buy.




A few "old hand" sales pros right there...

...and if I can impress them, imagine how powerfully I can help YOU...

So get in NOW...because when these three spots are gone, they're GONE and I'll take the buy button down.

Claim your spot for just $295 right now (if you use a different email than the paypal address, message me at jason at coldstartech dot com):

No income claims are made by this offer. You must implement recommendations and do the work—no magic bullets. However, the potential ROI should be easy for you to calculate, if you make 1 more sale a month or heck, one more sale in the next QUARTER, how much revenue does that bring in? And the margin on that sale? You should be able to see if breakeven or profit is so easy to achieve with the feedback I provide.