Price Power Profit Series (Store)

Price Power Profit Series

Price...Power...Profit Series

The challenge of businesses that can competently fulfill a product or service is getting in front of the right people. Enough of the right people...and getting them to see you as unique and therefore valuable.

The Price Power Profit Series by Jason Kanigan gives you the engine for accomplishing this vital goal.

PRICE is the critical pivot point of business.

POWER is the development of marketplace presence. When people know who you are and what you do best before they ever meet you, you have a distinct advantage in pricing and authority.

PROFIT is the natural result of increased Price and Power in your niche.

A number of key factors contribute to the development of this effect. The Price Power Profit Series is a combination of 1-on-1 coaching, strategic and operations management consulting, and training.

To discuss the Price Power Profit Series and your business, call Jason at (910) 795-2270.