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  • How To Get To the Decision Maker (1/22/2014) - Are you struggling with how to get to the decision maker when you make prospecting calls? If you're getting blocked by gatekeepers and finding yourself tongue-tied when asked, "What's this about?", this sales tactic will help. One of the top… Continue Reading
  • Buyer Profile VS Buyer Persona: What’s the Difference? (3/4/2014) - Buyer Profile VS Buyer Persona: What's the Difference? Today we're continuing our look at Buyer Personas. They are a valuable tool that helps us understand and predict buying behavior. Buyer Personas aren't just for the big players anymore; now, you… Continue Reading
  • Buyer Persona and Sales Call Plan: Surprise! (3/6/2014) - Buyer Persona and Sales Call Plan: there's a surprising connection. We'll round out our look at Buyer Personas with a recent realization expert Tony Zambito had on the topic. He was helping the top sales boss for an Inc. 500… Continue Reading
  • How To Find Pain Points (3/10/2014) - How to find pain points is one of the basic sales questions we need to answer. We know what they are, and we know they are not features or benefits. But how do we get them? The great thing about… Continue Reading
  • Buyer Preferences Kill Sales! (3/14/2014) - Buyer preferences are the beliefs you or your prospect have about how you make a purchase. Yesterday we looked at the Foot In The Door technique, and I noted how it shows more about the head trash of the salesperson… Continue Reading
  • What Is a Key Account: Qualifying 101 (4/6/2014) - What is a key account? Many salespeople are focused on the "now", and believe a key account is one that gives you the most money right now. So they spend their effort there. But this is not the best strategy,… Continue Reading
  • Negotiating Is Bad And Here’s Why (4/28/2014) - Negotiating is bad. And here's why. In selling, if you have to negotiate, it means you screwed up. Somewhere in the process, you lost your prospect. They don't see you as different. They don't see how you could be different.… Continue Reading
  • What Matters When Hiring Salespeople (5/1/2014) - What matters when hiring salespeople? Recently I was asked this question on Quora. (The exact question was "What qualities should I look for in a B2B sales person for a startup?") A couple other people responded, talking about firm handshakes… Continue Reading
  • Follow Up Messages: Where’s the Problem? (7/4/2014) - Follow Up messages, and how to write them effectively, was recently posed as a question on an expert platform I'm a member of. Here's my reply: I am going to begin my answer to this question not talking about writing… Continue Reading
  • Improving Sales Performance–Not As Easy As You Think! (8/16/2014) - Improving sales performance is often thought of as a pushbutton solution by sales training clients. We'll just buy the training, the clients believe, and everything will turn out great. The cautionary truth is the results are often lackluster. And there's… Continue Reading
  • Does Sales Training Really Work? (8/25/2014) - Does sales training really work? Can you figure out an ROI on the investment? Rapid Learning Institute CEO Stephen Meyer says in Forbes you might as well have asked "to prove unicorns don't exist." Among other credentials, I have a… Continue Reading
  • How To Value An Online Business: Interview with Jock Purtle (9/9/2014) - How to value an online business is a question I have asked over the last several years of running my own web-based company. Without much in the way of physical goods, how does one calculate the assets of the operation?… Continue Reading
  • Information Interviews [How To] (11/1/2014) - Information interviews are the key when you're confused about... ...what job to pursue, at what companies... ...when you want to know what your target market is interested in concerning your offer... ...when you want to make sales but don't know… Continue Reading
  • How To Set Sales Targets (2/21/2015) - How to set sales targets was a recent question from a new business owner. I appreciate that no one wants to pull a number out of the air. But how do you develop a revenue target that makes sense? Is… Continue Reading