Hi, I'm business strategist Jason Kanigan.

Are you having trouble selling? A number of potential issues contribute to this problem.

I help small business owners who want corporate-level quality processes get those in place...

...and corporate executives improve their sales & marketing, optimize their processes, and maximize profits.

If you're in one or more of these situations, we should speak:

  • frustrated with difficult clients, boring projects, and low pay
  • concerned your revenue is up one month and down the next, like a yo-yo
  • unsure how to attract more and better customers
  • secretly disappointed with the results you've been getting for your clients
  • exhausted from serving so many people and working on too many projects at once
  • afraid and uncomfortable with the idea of selling
  • confused about the best way to market to your audience.

Let me explain a little more about what I do in this quick video:

This is the kind of marketing collateral I make for my clients as well as myself.

The best thing we can do is have an open discussion about your business.

Like a doctor, the more open you can be with me, the more I can help you.

Whether you're a CEO, attorney, freelancer, small business owner, internet marketer or real estate agent, if you think of yourself as a president let's talk about your situation.

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