Jason Kanigan Interview On Job Hunting

Jason Kanigan Interview On Job HuntingJason Kanigan Interview On Job Hunting? Yes! With the experience of having four companies create customized roles for Jason, this unorthodox approach has been systemized for anyone to use. If you have a core competency, and don't want to be fighting with dozens or even hundreds or thousands of other applicants for the same one boring job, this is for you.

With the focus on getting your unique value and skillset directly in front of people who have the power to hire you--NOT Human Resources--this process shows you how to:

  • Fight Fear
  • Stand Out
  • Don't Settle

and get the role you enjoy!

Details from the Jason Kanigan Interview On Job Hunting

The Kindle book by Jason Kanigan On Job Hunting outlines this method in detail.

In the interview I was asked if this process would only work with confident people. My response on air was "I don't want to rain on anyone's parade"...but you SHOULD be confident! If you aren't confident, what do you have to offer?! If you have skill, BE confident. Employers want what you have to bring to the table; they just don't know you exist. And trying to stand out in a sea of sameness in resumes and cover letters is not the way to get results.

Standing Out is the key to the fast resolution of a job search...and getting the role you truly excel at instead of "just a job". A templated rewritten resume won't do that. A cover letter you agonized about every word over isn't going to do that. Getting differentiating content in front of top officers is.

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A critical change you almost certainly need to make is with your thinking about jobs. You probably think jobs are scarce. Well, advertised jobs are scarce. But jobs themselves are plentiful. You just have to know how to find them. Having a company create a role especially for you is easier than you think. In this interview, I tell you what the "Goldilocks" company looks like--which employers you ought to approach to have the best chance of getting the result you want. These companies have money, and for them to move $60K or more over to pay you is not a problem.

This is a perspective and an approach very few people can even conceive of, let alone execute...but it's not hard, and I've done it four times.

Listen to the Jason Kanigan Interview On Job Hunting right here:

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Jason Kanigan On Job Hunting

Jason Kanigan on Job Hunting

Why Jason Kanigan on Job Hunting?

Like most things, job hunting is a mental game.

You want to know the critical "secret" to getting a job? Refuse to continue being unemployed! Yes! Get mad! No longer accept being without work.

As long as you are sitting there, miserable, complaining, broken, you will remain powerless.

I've been helping people find work--and not just any work: work they enjoy--for two decades now. When September 11th happened, I was working with a non-profit organization that helped people figure out more about who they were, and return to the workforce. I conducted mock interviews on video camera. The candidate would be filmed, and I would play the role of the hiring interviewer. Then we'd review the tape to improve their performance.

These folks definitely had a leg up. And a step forward, because they were DOING SOMETHING by taking the program.

The problem with most job seekers is they are expecting someone else to do it for them. Their recruiter. Their network. Their next-door neighbor.

Just as in running your own business, I have to tell you: no one is ever going to care about your job search as much as you. No one.

You can see many articles I've written about successful job hunting methods on my old blog.

I've had employers create jobs that did not exist before I got there FOUR TIMES. No competition for those roles, either; they only wanted me.

The Modesto Bee even wrote an article about it.

Am I special?

Am I some kind of Superman?


But I know more about successful job hunting than you.

Jason Kanigan on Job Hunting Success

Everything you've been told to do in your job search is wrong.

The idea that you should make a resume and cover letter, and blast it out to as many employers as you can in the hope that someone will notice it is just plain stupid.

A waste of energy.

A complete waste of time.

In fact, it makes you more depressed after you send that blizzard of resumes out and nobody responds, doesn't it.

A resume should be the last thing you give to an employer: the paperwork to seal the deal, confirmation to drop in the file.

You need a resume to get a job.

There's Job Search Lie #1. You don't.

Employers read cover letters.

There's Job Search Lie #2. They don't.

Okay, some do. All generalizations are false. But most--the vast majority--do not. All the agonizing you did over the precise wording of your cover letter is energy that could have been more effectively spent on another task. They drop the cover letter and go straight to a certain specific section of your resume...and if you don't tell them in that small space why they should talk to you, your resume goes into the trash.

Jason Kanigan on Job Hunting Effectiveness

I'll bet you're wondering what that small section is.

Getting this part right will at worst DOUBLE the effectiveness of your job search. If you want to keep using conventional methods to conduct your job hunt with, that is.

Other, better job search tactics do exist. Nobody has shared them with you because a) they don't know them, and b) if they did, they'd be afraid of you using them and taking their competitive advantage away.

I am not afraid of that. Since I own a business and am not at all interested in returning to being employed by someone else, I can share these unorthodox job hunting methods with you.

I have used them to get the attention of employers without depending on a resume many times. The fastest turnaround time for one of my job searches was four days. FOUR DAYS!

That story is detailed, along with these unorthodox methods, in my new Kindle book. You can click here to get it.

Inside, I share all the secrets of effective job hunting.

How it all starts, as I said above, in your mind.

How doing what the crowd is doing will get you nowhere fast.

How you can make use of modern methods to get on the radar of employers and get them to see you as an individual--

--an individual they have to meet.

That's the purpose of your resume, by the way.

Not to get you hired.

No resume can do that. People hire people, not resumes.

What the resume can do for you, if it's put together correctly, is entice the employer to meet you.

Remember, going forward, that this is the resume's goal.

Job searches are not about spending all your effort blasting out a blizzard of ineffective resumes hoping something will stick. They're about getting noticed by and having conversations with employers. Get enough of those, filter well enough, and you will quickly get the job of your dreams.

Details in my book, For Active Job Seekers Only: Get Hired FAST!

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Kindle Books

Kindle Books by Jason Kanigan

Kindle books by Jason Kanigan are available on Amazon.com.

This is a brief guide on how you can make use of them, what order you should buy them in, and at what point each will be useful to you.

An article has been making the rounds saying that 80% of books are fluff: the author explains the main point in the first couple pages of each chapter. If you just read those, and skip to the next, you can speed-read your way through the text while learning what you need to learn. The rest is filler. As a businessperson, I value your time. And so as an author I have concentrated on making my books brief, to the point, and without filler. That's why Kindle books by Jason Kanigan are the Sales On Fire Top 20 series--they contain the vital 20% of content you need, and not the 80% repetitious filler of other books. You will read them, get the point, and quickly be able to implement their recommendations.

FIRST, if you do not have a sales job and are looking for one, Active Job Seekers Only: Get Hired FAST! is the answer. I have had several custom-made roles created for me by company leaders, and share the mindset and action changes you need to make to land one yourself. Yes, you will have to stretch your comfort zone a bit to do this; however, if you cannot it is unlikely you will be a success in sales anyway. The information I share inside is nothing like any job hunting expertise you will have encountered before. Resumes and cover letters are outdated technology to chase Want Ads with, and leave you in a field of candidates who look exactly like you. If you don't stand out, you won't get the interview--much less get hired fast.

SECOND, you may have a sales job but discovered that yourself and even perhaps the entire sales team is ineffective. Let me share with you that there is one major change you can make that will transform your sales results! And it is described completely in The Small Business Sales Effectiveness Report. Don't let the name fool you--if you are thinking correctly, you view your role as a salesperson inside the larger organization as its own small business. Whether you work for a Fortune 100 firm or a startup, the information in this book will help you comfortably make more sales.

THIRD, your boss may be insisting that you make cold calls. The approach to making prospecting calls is often misunderstood. When your boss did it, he or she was probably told, "Suck it up, Buttercup!" and to "Smile and Dial". This is pitiful advice. In Why Cold Calling Doesn't Work, I explain the many reasons why salespeople fail with phone prospecting--and what you and the rest of your sales team can do to fix it. Cold calling is not something you can just "figure out", because there are biological issues as well as process issues with its implementation. The truth is, without effective guidance you won't try prospecting by phone beyond a couple of sessions. Since you don't understand what is happening, you will continue to be victim of the uncomfortable feelings it generates when performed badly. Share this book with your sales team if you want the whole department to start conducting and executing better with phone prospecting!

FOURTH, you may have some sales experience but be dejected with the way it makes you feel. Traditional selling is taught to revolve around some kind of presentation or demonstration. Unfortuantely, this forces you to present to everyone under the sun, as soon as you possibly can...and this leads directly to rejection. You should NOT be presenting to just any prospect. In How To Sell...Without Dishonesty...Without Dishonor...Without Disgust, I explain the entire process of consultative selling. If all you know is traditional features-and-benefits-based selling that stresses pushing the prospect, you will be astonished with this completely different approach. There is no need for you to be pushy. Customers do not buy because of features and benefits. Learn the secret reasons why they DO buy, and a consistent process you can begin applying, in this book. In fact, a lack of a consistent sales process is the key problem most salespeople face. If you have no idea where you are in the process, how can you anticipate what is going to come up next? How can you lead the sale? How can you accomplish that leading so well, it's entirely invisible to the customer?

Next Steps

If you get one or more of these Kindle books by Jason Kanigan and agree I provide excellent value and expertise, you have several options for a next step in your sales education.


You know you must do cold calling--phone prospecting--but the mere thought of it makes you sigh in discomfort. Not because you're scared to do it; you believe in the value of what you have to offer. But the way you've seen phone prospecting done before is inefficient. And with today's level of busy-ness, voicemail, and alert receptionists, how can you make the phone really work for you?

Sales Judo is all about effective use of the phone as a sales and prospecting tool. Explore more here.


Terrified to reach out to a prospect by phone or networking event? Can't pick up the phone even though you know you must? And do prospects say and do things that are utterly baffling to you--do you, for instance, have great conversations but when it comes time for the sale, discover the prospect is nowhere to be found?

Sales On Fire is my flagship program. It contains a library of sales knowledge that many large companies do not have. This is an asset you will return to again and again in the process of ongoing reinforcement and improving your selling abilities. Whether you are doing over the phone or face to face selling, this is a necessity. More details here.


This program is for experienced salespeople, corporate executives, or business owners only. If you do not know how to fulfill a product or service competently, do not have an existing revenue stream of a consistent $25,000 or more per month, and do not understand your target market, it is not a fit for you at this time.

Jason will work with you to create a customized profit maximization program taking advantage of his entire business development skillset: operations improvement, marketing, and sales. Whether you want to enter a new marketplace or improve the profitability of your existing processes, contact me to discuss your situation.


Please do not waste your time or mine to contact me about "a couple hours" of sales training. Improving your abilities requires ongoing reinforcment and cannot be accomplished in a short time. I would be taking your money and you would not be getting anything other than a temporary 'high' in return. This is why sales seminars do not work. A week later, you're back to your old comfort zone and results.

If this is the situation you are in--you are new or fairly inexperienced with selling and are looking for help--I strongly recommend getting the Kindle books by Jason Kanigan, followed by the Sales On Fire program if you find those valuable. It will be cheaper for you than working 1-on-1 with me, and you will get the membership site access to return to the content for ongoing reinforcement.

Should you be an experienced salesperson and are in a slump, we can discuss your issue. Many times the underlying reason for the slump is something you would consider incredible: for instance, I coached a 30-year sales veteran and we discovered his problem was he did not want to move his family back from the east coast to the west, which he would have to do if successful...and this was causing him to sabotage his sales efforts in his current business.

All products from Jason Kanigan and Sales On Fire, Inc., are tax deductible expenses. Take your receipts to your accountant, whether you are an employee or business owner, and your taxable income will be reduced by their amount. My products and expertise are therefore virtually free to you.