Are You a Problem Solver?

Are you a problem solver? Well? Are you?

Let's have a serious chat...one that could change your life.

Are You a Problem Solver Or a Victim?

If your response to a simple question that you could get the answer to in a 15-second Google search is to collapse in a defeated heap, and demand that someone else spoon feed you the answer…

...you're not going to make it.

Successful salespeople are problem solvers.

They don't wait around for someone else to fix things. They go make answers happen.

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Earlier this week I was involved in a strategy call in the insurance field.

The discussion concerned two parties: one to bring in leads and the other to perform fulfillment functions.

After some discovery questions, it became clear that while the financial opportunity was lucrative, action taken would likely be lukewarm because the fulfillment side couldn't immediately fund the lead generation activity.

As the problem solver, the solution was quickly apparent to me: a third party needed to be brought in to provide the “jet fuel”.

With further listening and questioning, that third party was revealed. They didn't just exist: they were personal friends of both parties and already involved in the field!

Interest and enthusiasm for the deal immediately skyrocketed.

Are you a problem solver? Or do you easily give in to the appearance of defeat?

How You Answer The Question Of Are You a Problem Solver

Fortunately, this is an attitude. It's an attitude you can change.

When I see people who say, “I want my own business,” but they're unwilling to do something so simple as a 15-second Google search to find out if “YouTube is free to sign up to” (a real, common question)...I know they're not going to make it.

When such a simple, effortless problem to solve is an insurmountable barrier to the individual, something legitimately difficult will send them running with their tail between their legs.

Now let's look at this question positively.

As a problem solver, how will you approach problems differently?

How will you open up the options available to you and your prospects?

All it takes is a nanosecond mind shift.

Be the problem solver. It's a hell of a lot more rewarding, and much more fun.

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