Jason Kanigan and Matthew North Sales Interview

Jason Kanigan and Matthew North have both been sales pros and trainers for years. Both have Amazon/Kindle books on the topic. And now, they've met for an in-depth discussion of sales approaches, success in sales, sales mindset, and more.

Join us for a truly transformative talk on how sales can be totally different for you and your prospect from the "Herb Tarlek from WKRP In Cincinnati" pushy, false enthusiasm-filled, say-anything-to-get-the-order beliefs and experience you likely had installed about selling as a kid.

Selling does not have to be pushy. Selling does not have to be about you. And selling does not have to be about trying to wrestle the prospect to the ground until they say "Uncle!" and buy.

Jason Kanigan and Matthew North Sales Interview

Jason Kanigan and Matthew North share their views on selling right here:

Jason Kanigan & Matthew North Sales Interview from Matthew North on Vimeo.

If you want to learn how to "be and do" sales differently, then listen up.

We discuss the subject of Authenticity at length in this interview. And ultimately there's nothing more important than your authenticity. Being it, expressing it, living it.

Jason Kanigan and Matthew North On Authenticity In Selling

If you're constantly trying to reshape yourself to please others in the hopes they'll buy, you aren't being authentic...and you won't be having genuine conversations with them. You won't be able to take the risks you must to get to the truth of things.

Selling can be about matching up problems with solutions.

Selling can be about listening rather than talking.

Selling can be about creating value wherever you go, rather than talking everyone you can into being a buyer and then dealing with highly uncomfortable buyer's remorse later on—or the Client From Hell, which is even worse.

Jason Kanigan and Matthew North Interview


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Jason Kanigan Interviewed by Dr. Kimberly McGeorge

Jason Kanigan interviewed by Dr. Kimberly McGeorge:

The host of Secret To Everything interviews business strategist and conversion expert Jason Kanigan in this in-depth discussion on success mindset and leveling up in business. If you're frustrated with your results and feeling stuck with where you're at, this video of Jason Kanigan interviewed on mindset will definitely help you.


Jason Kanigan Interviewed On Success Mindset and Leveling Up In Business

In this success mindset interview, we get into details on:

  • how Jason landed (and you could land) a management role at a young age (Plant Manager at 25), despite naysayers' limiting belief that you had to "Pay your dues"
  • the critical element of self-confidence and its importance in your ability to take action
  • why you'll do nothing, even if you have the technical knowledge, if you don't believe in yourself
  • the key to being vulnerable and open to feedback on your weaknesses to power into growth
  • how a small number of decisions result in the majority of the daily reality you experience—and that a few changes could result in a huge and fast change in your life
  • the importance of knowing your "Golden Hours" to enhance and maximize your productivity and creativity
  • some widespread and impactful limiting beliefs that you might be unconsciously affected by, and what you can do about them.

We even get into The Sharks of Shark Tank and commonalities of their personalities leading to their success!

secret to everything show jason kanigan interviewed by dr. kimberly mcgeorge

Join us to learn about success mindset, personal power, and the difference between where you are now and where you want to be.

>> Jason Kanigan is ready to help you discard unhelpful limiting beliefs that have been holding you back, and get into the mindset of success. Book a call with Jason right here to discuss your situation and start moving into a new reality. <<


I’ll Do It Later, When…

I'll Do It Later, When... is a refrain I've often heard in my many years of business coaching.

Usually it occurs at the beginning of the process. I'm talking with someone who has come to me for help, only to discover that that help requires an investment.

"I'll do it later, when I'm more financially stable," they say.

No, you won't.

If you do work yourself into that more financially stable situation, you'll have gone into a comfort zone.

You'll find other stuff to spend the extra money on—a nice set of stereo speakers, a new computer, some fun nights out on the town.

You won't be looking at entrepreneurship. I guarantee it.

"I'll Do It Later, At Some Magic Time When I'm Ready"

"I'll do it later, when..." is a noise made by the unconfident and the panicked. Entrepreneurship almost always requires that you "jump off a cliff", take a huge risk and fully commit. If you're unable to do that, you'll make this braying noise...and demonstrate you're not ready to be an entrepreneur.

You may never be.

That's OK—the world needs employees.

But don't think for a second you have what it takes to be a business owner if you can't take that risk.

You'll have to take many, many more risks if you decide to become a business owner. It never ends. And if this first, basic, essential risk is something you can't stomach, you simply aren't cut out for this sort of thing. Go get another job.

The capacity of people to lie to themselves is shockingly tremendous. "I'll do it later, when..." they tell themselves, and they believe it! But it is a completely hollow and false statement. That time will never come. Conditions will never be right. The stars will never align.

When the situation occurs that they said they'd be willing to move ahead with their entrepreneurial daydream in, the chance will have passed. The need to make change will be gone. The comfort zone they'll be in will be too attractive, and they'll stay inside it.

I'll Do It Later, When...Is A Lie

So don't lie to me, and more importantly don't lie to yourself.

The things you say, I have heard them all a thousand times before. You are not unique. Your dreams are not unique. The things you say and do, and the beliefs behind them, are an open book to me...even if they are not to you.

fool card mythic tarot fool's journey i'll do it later

In the mythology of the tarot, the Fool's Journey is the path to success and personal power. This could also be called the Hero's Journey, and you've seen it in many movies from Star Wars to Coming To America. That first major arcana card, it shows the Fool dancing off the edge of a cliff. He's happy. He's self-absorbed. He's READY.

He just does it.

No hesitation, no backing out.

He jumps off the edge of the cliff without a second thought.

That's commitment. That's belief in oneself.

The next card is The Magician. Our Fool has learned some basic skills, and is starting to get somewhere in the world.

But if he hadn't been willing and fully committed to jumping with all his energy off that cliff, he'd have never gotten to the next stage.

These stories are fundamental to understanding human nature, and that's why I'm talking about them.

The time will never be perfect.

The "right time" is "right now", if you believe in yourself.

But only if you believe in yourself.

If you don't have self-confidence by now, you're unlikely to get any. Better for you to get another job.

First you must have the vision of yourself as successful. No one can give that to you from outside. Stop looking for it outside yourself.

What do you really want?

From the first time I heard that in my final teenage year watching the harsh business movie Swimming With Sharks, I knew it was THE critical question. Not something for others to answer for you.

Start asking it of yourself.

What do you really want?

From the answer comes the self-confidence. And from the self-confidence comes the commitment real entrepreneurs need to succeed.

>> Jason Kanigan is a business strategist who is not interested in your self-deception and comfort zones. To book a time to speak with Jason about turning your idea of success into reality, click here. <<