Decision Power: Mindset and Moving Forward

Decision Power can be imagined like a light switch. Like all switches, it has "Off" and "On" positions.

Decision Power In The "Off" Position

Here's the problem with most people:

They won't DECIDE.

Instead, they sit in the center of a cloud of confusion. They allow it to perpetuate, and in perpetuating it continues to feed their anxiety. Waiting, sadly, makes them wait more.

Your situation—even if you are doing well—is not going to improve on its own.

decision power doubt confused man

You need to DECIDE to do something about it.

“But Jason...what if something better comes along?”

“What if something easier comes along?”

Can I tell you the truth? Then you won't make a decision about that, either.

You'll let that thing slide on by just the same as what you've got in front of you now. After all, something better than that might show up next week.


You've even seen this in TV commercials recently..."FOBO: Fear Of a Better Offer."

Lack of Decision Power Is a Turn-Off

Now here's a twist: you're qualifying yourself Out from working with some great people because of your lack of decision.

I hate it when someone comes along and wants to talk to me, and then begins with, “So, who are you? What's your background?”

You just threw on the train brakes. Sparks are flying everywhere as a horrible screeching noise fills the air.

You've instantly shown me you haven't done any simple research...and you haven't decided where I fit in to what you're doing.

In fact, what usually happens next in these kinds of conversations is I discover the person doesn't have a plan.

No plan at all.

Some vague ideas, some hope, some “someday”.

That's a real turnoff for me. And I'm not alone.

I have trouble with indecisive people. Amusingly, these people believe I'm "mean."

Where's the excitement?

Where's the confidence?

Where's the path to revenue?

Decision Power In The "On" Position

If you're “just looking,” keep driving. All you're doing is driving in circles, and I don't want to be on that route to nowhere.

Contrast with someone who has never talked with me before, but confidently books a paid consultation. This person knows where I'm coming from. They know why they're hiring me. They know exactly what they want to get and are going to get out of the conversation, because they've decided on their direction—and they know how I fit in to their plans.

Now THAT I can get excited about.

That I can get behind!

And that we can see a clear path to making money with!

Your circumstances are never going to magically improve on their own. Not with you sitting at the center of a cloud of uncertainty and doubt.


Decision immediately begins to re-filter your reality according to a new code.

Decision instantly makes you more confident.

Decision quickly puts you into action in the direction of your goals.

Heck, decision ensures you have a goal!

Can you see how all these factors add up to a strong You who is suddenly seeing how you can make use of everything around you in your effort towards a specific target? That's decision power.

If you're struggling, decide on a goal today. Begin moving towards it. Open your mind to creative solutions of how you will get there. Decision allows you to access resources you don't even know or see that you have available right now.

Decision has incredible power. Use it.

>> Jason Kanigan is a business strategist and conversion expert. If you've decided how Jason fits into helping you achieve your sales & marketing goals, book a call here. <<


How To Beat The Holiday Doldrums (In Sales)

I hear a lot of complaining about the upcoming time of year regarding "holiday doldrums" sales and revenue. While I've discussed this idea before, I want to add a few action steps to the solution for you.

First, let's remember that the notion that the whole world shuts down in the holiday season is silly and false. You can buy into it if you want to, and I can't stop you, but it's really a false and limiting belief.

Do many people take time off in the period starting at Thanksgiving and concluding in early January? Of course they do. I'm not here to argue that.

But does everyone?


festive food holiday doldrums sales training

Holiday Doldrums Are Not For Everyone

Many people have an unconcealed hatred of the consumerist way Christmas celebration has become. I speak with them every day, and they have no trouble sharing their belief with me. These folks all continue with the grind and are available in their offices during the holiday season.

And what about people who don't have kids? They have far less of a reason to take their holidays at Christmastime, don't they. I myself took holidays for many years in April, and late September or early October.

The lesson here is that not every prospect has to follow the pattern you have in your mind.

You are not your customer!

Prospects Will Also Behave Differently During the Holiday Doldrums

So the truth that we are left with is that many potential customers remain in their offices in the traditional holiday season. And who is around them? Not as many other people, to be sure. The gatekeepers are often gone. These proto-buyers are far more likely to answer their phones.

I remember one year when I was a credit manager, I worked on my birthday. My age-turner is in the final week of the year, and it was almost silly—there was a skeleton crew on, and I was bored out of my tree. At 3:00 the director came in and said I could go home as they were shutting down early.

Now if you had reached me on a day like that day, right smack in the middle of what is supposed to be the dreaded “Shutdown Season”, I would have talked to you. I would have been glad to speak with you.

Keep this image in mind, because there are a lot of bored executives out there during the holiday period who will welcome your call.

See, what you have to do to be successful during this upcoming season is Change Your Behavior.

You can't count on inbound leads.

Referrals probably aren't going to flow in.

Your regular customers are going to behave exactly the way they have in past holiday seasons, and disappear.

Are you starting to get me?

You are going to have to do something different.

Reach out.

Have an interesting way to reach out—give the prospect something, have a good opener, something to break up what in there world is deadening monotony.

Then you have a great chance of being greeted by a chuckle, or a warm word of appreciation...and then you can get on with qualifying your new lead.

The deals are out there. Even in the midst of the holiday season. Change your behavior and go get them.

>> Jason Kanigan is a business strategist and sales trainer. If you are looking for a way to consistently reach and engage prospects, book a consultation with Jason.