Reframing: A Lesson In Meaning

Reframing is the process of repositioning an idea, often one normally considered a negative, in the prospect's mind.

Finding clear examples can be difficult, however. Other than the bog standard Ronald Reagan "I will not make age an issue of this campaign...I am not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent's youth and inexperience" instance, copywriters and sales pros alike can struggle to grasp how reframing might work in their circumstances.

Reframing Clorox TV Commercial Knows What Clean Smells Like

Reframing In A Television Advertisement

Last night I got excited about a TV commercial.

Yes, it was a rare occasion that I was watching television. So in a sense every commercial is interesting to me, because I see few of them.

A “mom” was walking between store aisles of cleaning products. “I know what 'clean' smells like,” she said. "Bleach."

She then continued to caution against nice-smelling but implied ineffective competitors...and to promote the cleaner brand she was being the spokesperson for: one which contained bleach.

And I thought, “Wow!”

She just reframed (well, the script writers did, and good for them) the awful smell of bleach as a huge benefit. 'This is how you tell the cleaning product works. Those without this smell are risky at best and will leave your family in danger of germs.' This logic was far better than that employed in most commercials, and I took instant notice.

How To Use Reframing Effectively

If you've been scratching your head for an example of how to reframe something that is normally thought of as a negative into a huge positive, here it is:

As you would expect, since the advertisement is effective and speaks directly to a specific target market, it has upset some other people. That is a sign of a good ad.

You can read more of the "horrified" reactions here.

As far as I'm concerned, it's simply an example of effective reframing. The off-putting odor of bleach has been reframed as a blunt indicator of cleaning effectiveness. As the viewer, you are free to agree or disagree as to whether that message works on you—but it certainly works as the commercial has been airing for a year now judging from the comment dates.

How could you apply reframing like this in your own marketing? What does your target market fear or desire, and how can a feature be reframed to appeal to that emotion?

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Success Mindset: Interview with Jason Kanigan

Success Mindset is a critical factor to winning in business. If you don't believe you can do the thing—or, more clearly, don't see yourself as the person who can do the thing—you won't even try.

While I've interviewed many people over the last year, I haven't been a guest on a radio or podcast show as I was in the past. The "sales training" talk is something I've delivered enough times, and now I'm back with a message that goes straight to the core of why you will do something and why you won't. And when you know what I share in this interview with Inner Success Radio, you'll understand that, too.

success mindset jason kanigan interview

When you understand something, you can begin to work on it. That means you can begin to change your results. Instead of behaving like an automaton, forever fated to repeat the same actions and results in a loop of failure, you can break out of your previous conditioning. And that's wild. It opens entire new worlds for you.

Success Mindset Interview with Jason Kanigan

Join Chuck and Demetrius as they host the Jason Kanigan interview on Success Mindset right here:

The key to succeeding is to first imagine your success. If you can't do that, you have no chance. Over the years, I've run into many people who just couldn't conceive of a five-figure product launch, for example. Yes, that's right: I said five-figure. Not six or seven. These poor folks couldn't even imagine themselves leading a $10,000+ launch...and consequently have remained poor—despite for many years being around people doing that very thing!

Each of us is trapped in a mental prison of our own making. That is slightly unfair, given that much of our conditioning and limiting beliefs were "installed" at a young age courtesy of well-meaning but dead wrong relatives and family friends. However, we chose to accept those beliefs, so it is our responsibility to acknowledge and escape that thought prison we now find ourselves in.

Success Mindset Comes From Within

A decade ago I wrote a short story that had as its main character a person who believed he was a fallen angel. Did it matter whether he truly was a fallen angel or not? No! What mattered to the story was that he believed he was...and that lead to him having far more perceived options in any situation than a garden-variety human.

Imagine yourself so unchained. Imagine having more options then you did a moment ago. Congratulations! You now do, and I have just helped you expand your mindset and possibilities.

I talk about Shaka Zulu in the interview. He first imagined his empire in his mind...and then brought that vision into reality. His success was not an accident, or luck, or random chance. As dialogue correctly states in the TV mini-series, the empire was the result of a clear idea, supremely believed in, and consistently expected and acted upon to bring into the external world.

All success comes from within first. Not from a shiny object, or some technology. You. You are the source, and the moment you truly realize that is the moment you will finally commit.

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