Mark Pescetti Interview: Successful Copywriter Positioning

Mark Pescetti Interview on successful copywriter positioningMark Pescetti Interview on how intermediate level copywriters and any other kind of consultants can position themselves to advance to the next level: "Oh Mark, You So Data Slut!!" Get ready for an onslaught of critical marketing information to transform your plain old limping-month-to-month copywriting business into a top flight best-client-getting MACHINE.

Last Fall I asked top copywriter Mark Pescetti if he was interested in being interviewed. I was going through one of my periodic episodes of frustration with newbies, and suggested that we talk to the intermediate level of skill and market presence. Since Mark is in high demand, we booked the talk for yesterday. As usual, the intervening months passed quickly.

Newbies are so eager for a dollar they will chase anything. The result is they pick up low-paying clients who do not value their services, and get treated like a commodity. Intermediate level copywriters have been around awhile and figured out that something is wrong. If you're sick and tired of taking on low-ball projects because you don't know how to find anything else...if you want to know the surprising truth about what it takes to be a well-paid writer...then listen into and act on what Mark is about to share.

What You'll Learn In the Mark Pescetti Interview

In the Mark Pescetti interview, we cover:

  • What are the necessary elements of positioning?
  • How do you find out what your market is looking for, so you can put yourself in the right spot?
  • How do relationships factor into positioning?
  • What secret ingredient that sets you free is missing from most copywriters' income streams?
  • What does "Being Real" mean in this context?
  • How do you identify the right customers?
  • How do you reach them?
  • How do you demonstrate you're worth the big money?
  • What happens when you DON'T position yourself?
  • How does your self-esteem affect your actions and results?

What Mark shares in this discussion is worth an investment of thousands of dollars. It is actually beyond a monetary value. He lays the process of positioning for and getting high-value clients in such detail that I have to admit...this is another of those interviews like the one I just did which frankly I'm a little pre-irritated about sharing for free. We tend not to value things we get for free, and the steps Mark shares here are extremely valuable. So don't treat this talk like the others you listen to this week. It is not in the same category. I have never heard another copywriter discuss this topic. To get to the level at which you're able to know and share the ideas in the Mark Pescetti interview takes a long time and an investment few are willing to make.

You might be thinking from that bullet list this interview might be a little dry. Let me assure you it is lively and engaging because Mark is that way. He shares stories from the trenches to accentuate his points. The discussion is free-flowing and fun. Make the brief commitment to listen, whether you're a copywriter or not--and whether you're an intermediate level writer or a newbie.

So many of the points Mark are the complete opposite of what you'd expect. How can showing weakness be a strength? What works better than anything else--including writing--for getting in front of big-dollar prospective clients? Why would technical competence not be a significant contributing factor in a client's decision to hire you at the level he's talking about? After your eyebrows come back down following hearing this astonishing information, maybe you'll be ready to start moving in the right direction.

As a five-figure copywriter, I found a considerable shared experience with Mark's and was nodding at everything he said. But he also expressed ideas I hadn't thought of before, and learned several things I'm going to start employing in my own world.

Listen to the Mark Pescetti Interview

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Copyranger Mark Duris' blog post on Being Memorable

Jason Kanigan interviewed by two other sales trainers on the importance of FIT in choosing clients

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FIT In Selling: Interview with Jason Kanigan

Fit In Selling: Interview with Jason KaniganFit In Selling is a word commonly used--"Let's jump on a phone call and find out if we're a fit"--but poorly understood and badly used.

Fellow sales pros Hugh Liddle and Jim Hamlin interview Jason Kanigan on Fit in this incredible discussion on Sales Chalk Talk. A typical radio host simply would not have the sales knowledge to dig deep into the nature and content of Fit in the way these three did! You won't find a sales primer like this anywhere else.

In this interview on Fit In Selling with Jason Kanigan, you'll learn:

  • What “Fit” really means
  • Why it is important to use the Fit system instead of trying to sell to every prospect who comes along
  • When in the sales process do we qualify for Fit
  • If we've done lots of research about our prospect ahead of time, how important is it to qualify for Fit
  • What happens to salespeople who try to sell without first qualifying for Fit
  • What happens to you when you DO qualify for Fit first
  • Why you shouldn't jump right to the demonstration phase, even though it may initially seem time-consuming not to
  • How to qualify for Fit
  • Why it is so important to know if this prospect has a NEED for what you offer
  • What you need to know about the prospect’s budget
  • Where a prospect’s PERSONALITY enters into the decision about whether you work with them or not
  • When you have a prospect who's a good Fit, what’s the next step?

This interview is so in-depth, it like many others available here could be sold for three or four figures.

Click here for the Fit In Selling interview with Jason Kanigan

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Sales On Fire Fireside Chat No. 1

FiresideCoverOne of my fellow Coastal Carolina Network tv producers has been pushing me to make a Sales On Fire “Fireside Chat”. We did this as a proof of concept for a branding piece we've been kicking around for many months, but have been putting off because I thought we needed a Frank Kern-looking fancy office for the environment. Well, that theory has been disproved. I'm quite happy with how this turned out visually. It's tv-ready. After eight straight hours of shooting, editing and producing, it should be!

As to the content, it's the kind of stuff I share in my blog posts and longer Facebook entries. After three years of experience running Sales On Fire, Inc., and 15 preceding years of real world executive experience, I have a distinctive point of view...along with certain frustrations, irritations and a level of jadedness I freely admit to. In fact, one of the key points my fellow producer said this shoot has is honesty. It is a brutal honesty, though I tried to temper it, but in it I share how I really feel about the IM marketplace.

What I Share In This Sales On Fire Fireside Chat

I put off this shoot for a week because I didn't want it to be a rant. The principles I discuss in this video apply not only to IM but business in general. In it, I explain:

> how “motivation” is your problem, not mine (and your real problem!)

> why I don't offer low-priced products

> why I don't work with newbies

> why newbies and even people who have been trying to make their own business happen for years and years fail and will continue to fail

> how the attitude of newbies drives competent coaches and potential helpers away

> exactly what you can change to be much more effective and build your business to be a success.

These points work and are applicable outside IM just as much as inside. They're about business...any business.

Sales On Fire Fireside Chat No. 1

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