The Dummy Curve In Selling

The Dummy CurveThe Dummy Curve is a curious concept most salespeople have never heard of. Yet it is extremely effective in lowering the natural skepticism and other barriers of the prospect. We must accomplish this during the complex sale if we're going to have a true conversation. Remember, if we don't find out anything about our prospect's world, we probably won't make the sale.

Easy Sales and the Dummy Curve

What the Dummy Curve pictures is the accidental ease with which a new salesperson makes sales...then the trouble selling once they begin to mature in the role and collect knowledge of features and benefits...and then the potential return to effective, productive selling by consciously practicing the very methods they used at the beginning of their career.

Technical knowledge about the product or service you offer can block you from making sales. As soon as you drop into the technical patter, your prospect tunes out. You may feel comfortable, because it's comfortable to know and share technical facts; however, those things are not why prospects buy.

Prospects buy because their underlying needs or wants are met. Sometimes this can happen because somewhere in the blast of features and benefits coming from the salesperson is hidden the one thing that satisfies the prospect's hidden need. But wouldn't it be much more effective to deliberately uncover that need or want, so we can take it out into the sunlight, turn it around and really know what it is?

Especially since our competition will be using the features-and-benefits firehose?

The secret to the Dummy Curve is in questioning. We revert to being a newbie in our sales role on purpose, and ask the "dumb" questions a new salesperson would ask. And in doing so, these hidden needs and wants of the prospect pop to the surface without resistance.

Sandler trainer Jeff Schneider acknowledges that we human beings are not very good at listening. Then he shares a number of simple "Dummy" questions

The Dummy Curve In Action: An Example

A fictional character--a police detective--is fully competent with the Dummy Curve and this kind of deliberate questioning. Yes, the rumpled, seemingly-bumbling Columbo.

Watch here as Columbo disarms his suspect by his apparently disorganized manner, "reaching" for questions, and literally going away and coming back--things you can do as a salesperson.

The suspect views Columbo as an amusing annoyance. He shakes his head in disbelief that the detective could ever be closing in on the truth.

Questioning Skills from Jason Kanigan on Vimeo.

A salesperson who is genuinely interested in helping the prospect, rather than just making the sale, will ask questions that uncover why the prospect wants to buy.

Doesn't that sound incredibly simple and right? Yet what do salespeople with a dash of technical knowledge do? Revert to "show up and throw up" with those features and benefits!

Columbo is genuinely interested in solving the case. And the effective salesperson is genuinely interested in helping the prospect.

How have you been conducting your sales conversations?

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Sales Expert Interviews at SalesTactics.org

Sales Expert InterviewsSales expert interviews are rare. Nobody thinks to interview them. And the reason why? They are usually busy working, and not connected with the online marketing sphere that likes to interview experts. Most people have heard of marketing consultants; few have heard of sales trainers.

Over the past 60 days or so, I have interviewed five sales experts. I have also been interviewed several times as a sales expert. So here we now have a library of sales expert interviews at SalesTactics.org. Do not take this lightly. Where else can you find such discussions? I arrange these interviews to show you the concepts I talk about are not the unproven theories of a lone thinker, but shared by many oft-unheard fellow experts in the sales training field.

Five Key Sales Expert Interviews at SalesTactics.org

Here are the five sales expert interviews completed over the past two months:

Richard Ruff on How the Fortune 1000 Train Their Sales Teams

Monika D'Agostino on Commitment in Sales Training

Eddy Ricci, Jr., on Training Gen Y Salespeople

Claude Whitacre on Local Online Marketing

David Brock on Change in Selling Organizations

and as a bonus from earlier this year,
Dave Kurlan on Effective Phone Selling.

It's said that if you read three (just three!) books on a subject, you will know more about it than 95% of the population. Consider how much farther ahead you will be about selling if you absorb these interviews.

Sales Expert Interviews with Jason Kanigan

I have also been fortunate enough to have been interviewed several times recently. Rather than "just" cold calling or typical sales ideas, I've been able to discuss the mindset of a successful salesperson. This is one of my most valuable interviews to date.

Business Unleashed did a written Q&A with me on getting started

Inner Success Radio had me delve into the mindset of a successful salesperson

Nicholas Loise, president of Glazer Kennedy Inner Circle, interviews me on high ticket selling (episode 24).

This is a virtual library of sales training methodology you could pay a considerable amount of money for. Think about it: what do you think the billable hourly rate of each of these experts is? And totaled together? At a bare minimum we have a $1000 program on this page. And it's provided here for free.

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Most Popular May Posts at SalesTactics.org

Most Popular May Posts at SalesTactics.org

The most popular May posts lead with the copywriting case study of a $400,000 target project that generated $600,000 in the one week the offer was open. So far, almost a thousand people have been interested in how this was accomplished. As we saw in the development of the movie Alien, success is often the result of the combination of expertise from many people.

How To Stop Struggling In Business Is a Key Question for Many

With the success The Small Business Sales Effectiveness Report has had on Amazon/Kindle, it's no wonder many people have been very happy to pick it up here for free. Many small business owners, consultants and sales executives struggle with finding the right customers. This free report gives you the one huge secret that enables you to uncover clients who will pay you well, treat you well, and know other such people.

We Continue to Wonder How To Find Pain Points

Making a return to the Most Popular May Posts list from its inclusion for March, this post on discovering your target market's pain points has received a lot of attention. Developing rapport quickly is a critical path to having an open and honest dialogue between you and your prospect, and communicating your niche's pain points is a highly effective way of accomplishing this.

You must know your prospect's jargon and key issues you can resolve. Communicating these things up front gives you instant credibility, and opens the door to further discussion.

My Take On The Most Popular May Posts

You are looking for information on what works. A copywriting case study is a rare thing, from me or anyone, and here we have details about a big ticket program with great results. Additionally, everyone who is struggling to get clients--especially the right kind of clients--needs to know the difference that makes the difference in your sales process. The free report on sales effectiveness gives you this.

And finally, we're going to be looking at pain points for a long time, aren't we. I'm sure we'll see this article surfacing again, not just in the Most Popular May Posts here on SalesTactics.org, but many months to come. They are key to our customer relationships. If we can communicate to them that we understand their world, they will be much more open to talking with us about their specific situation. Contrast this with the ineffective salesperson who calls up merely with features and benefits of what they are offering. They are going to have a much tougher time.

We have gotten into a lot of deep ideas about selling over the past 45 days. Ideas other people are not teaching. I hope to see more interaction with you on these topics going forward.

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